S. Miller-Uibo Olympics

The 200- and 400-meter races for women were switched at Rio 2016, giving athletes like Felix a chance to compete in both.

The results of the American’s quest were less than ideal.

For the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, Shaunae planned to give both events another try.

Targeting the duplicate was an essential part of the plan. Nonetheless, there is still no time in the schedule.

This year, Shaunae will not be competing in the 100m, but rather the 200m.

S. Miller-Uibo Olympics

The coach agrees with me. We have our sights set on that, therefore we’re preparing for it. The championship will be our chance to test how fast we can go.

S. Miller-Uibo: The After-Party Scene at Tokyo 2020.

Considering that both members of the husband-and-wife duo are heavy favourites to finish in the medal standings at the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the real question is what will happen to them thereafter.

When will they party, and where?

Following their victory at the world championships in Doha, the group first visited the Bahamas, where Shaunae was born and raised.

She added, “They were all celebrating him too.”

The next stop was Estonia, where I was met with a warm welcome.

The goal is to achieve a similar result, but this time at the Olympic level.

Who is the best host, if anyone?

Maicel smiled and replied, “We don’t want to get in trouble.”

After Tokyo 2020, S. Miller-Uibo Plans To Give The Heptathlon a Shot.

If the heptathlon is still going strong after Tokyo 2020, Shaunae will be ready to take on a new challenge.

To find out how this works out, I’m willing to devote it a whole year of my time.

“I’m not promising that overnight I’ll become a natural athlete. Additionally, there is a substantial time commitment involved.

Since her husband has competed in multi-discipline competitions before, she considered that as a factor.

He has motivated me to explore this uncharted territory and see what happens.


At the 2019 World Athletics Championships in Doha, married couple S. Miller-Uibo and Maicel Uibo shared a touching moment.

They were both competing in the same session, and the outcome of their medal chances would be known within minutes of each other.

Shaunae, the reigning Olympic 400-meter-dash champion, placed second overall. There was a point when it appeared that Maicel could win the decathlon.

Maicel came up at a close second place.

It was fantastic that we were able to carry home silver medals and celebrate that moment together while holding our [Bahamian and Estonian] flags high.

She was just doing her job like any other day,” Maicel continued.

She’s familiar with the route to the finish line.