ServSafe Practice Test – Career, Courses, Key Points {Updated 2019}

If you want to get certified in certain areas of the food industry, ServSafe is the one-stop destination for you. It provides several multiple-choice tests, which can lead to certification in a certain part of the food and hotel management industry.

There are tests from Food Services Handling to responsible alcohol service to Food Service Manager and Responsible Alcohol Service (Primary and Advanced).

Servsafe is a program developed by the National Restaurant Association, which makes the training and testing materials available. Servsafe certificate is accepted throughout the United States and is highly recognized.

ServSafe Practice Test

The tests provided by Servsafe are both available in paper-pen based or computerized versions. While the exam can be given complete online, but you have to go to exam centers to give the exam under the supervision of invigilators. The test is available in a wide variety of languages besides English; the courses can also be taken in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean.

What is The ServSafe Practice Test Fee

The online course and exam fees are listed below:-

  1. Food Handler- $ 15.00.
  2. Food Service Manager- $125.00 (Plus $36.00 for the test Voucher).
  3. Alcohol Safety- $30.00
  4. Allergens- $22.00

Additional costs for the retest have to be provided by the students. The prices of the courses offered locally may be different. The re-test will require less fee than of the original test, like for Alcohol Safety Test, the fee is $18.00.

What Kind of Career You Might Expect from ServSafe

The job which you might get is complete in the food and hospitality industries. A person in the food service industry may be involved in cooking or participating I other cooking-related activities. According to the National Occupation Research Agenda, more than 9 million people are working in the food industry.

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The food service ranges from serving food in gas stations to super luxurious star hotels to schools to health facilities such as Nursing homes or Hospitals. Large years a large number of youth get attracted to this food-service and begin their career in the food-service industry.

What is the Importance of the ServSafe Test?

Being a well-recognized exam, Servsafe helps a fresher to shep his foot on the food and service industries. It determines the ability of an individual to be hired in the food and alcohol-serving industry.

Acquisition of management course and passing the adjacent tests to it might help an aspirant to achieve a higher position within the company he works in. Being certified in a wide variety of fields, it will increase the chances of getting employed. Once you attain any Servsafe certificate, it is valid for the next five years.

Eligibility Criteria

The Servsafe courses or test have no prerequisite criteria’s determining the eligibility of a candidate to appear for the test. Although the completion of certain courses are necessary before appearing in certain exams. If the courses are not complete, the candidate might not be allowed to sit for the exam.

Though the exams are online, you have to go to an exam center to give the test. Check the list of the test center to see if test centers are available in your local area. In the case of retesting, you may give a retest then and there. If not, you have to wait for the next 60 days, to appear for the retest again.

Expected Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a minimum demarcated salary guideline for the employer to follow. The average wage of a food service worker is $9.35, but this can reach $14.00 for certain positions. There is also a side income and depends upon the tips provided by the customers. This thing completely depends upon the work and dedication of a food service worker towards his work.

When Are The ServSafe Practice Test Available?

As said earlier, Sersafe course are both available in pen paper-based and online mode. You are allowed to choose any one of these combinations. Please keep in mind the exams for food-service handling, and alcohol serving does not require a proctor or invigilation while giving the exam. But all the other tests apart from that require a proctor for a while giving the test both offline and online, people appearing for the test online have to go to the nearest test center to sit for the test.

To find out the nearest proctor in your area, visit the official website of Servsafe. The candidates don’t need to give the test on a Mac computer. While retesting is concerned, a candidate has to wait for the next 60 days before appearing for the same exam. But the maximum amount of Servsafe tests you can take in a year is four.

The Time Allotted for the Exams and Courses

The course duration for managers is about eight to ten hours. While that of food Handler’s test is one and a half to two hours. Ninety minutes are allotted for the Allergen’s test. The course for alcohol safety ranges from four to five hours.

It is recommended that a course should be completed within an hour, and the length of any course should not exceed three weeks. It is better to keep at least two days gap before the completion of the course and the exam date to get the required study time to study for the exams.

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Key Points to Remember

1 – After registering for a ServSafe course, you will get the required study materials from your testing agency or local individual distributor or a representative of the Servsafe. Go through the study materials and, if possible, try to take notes before appearing for the practical sessions.

2 – You can answer the question of any Servsafe test in any way possible. You are allowed to correct any answer which has been already answered.

Furthermore, you will be given a chance to check your entire answer before uploading it or submitting the paper online.

3 – For answering or guessing any question randomly, there is no penalty or negative marking.

4 – If you are giving the exam in the paper pen based mode, be sure to fill in the bubbles completely. Do not mark the bubbles with X or / marks as the answers of those bubbles will not be recognized, and you may end up not getting marks for the questions you have answered in the test. Be extra careful if the bubbles are side to that of the letter choices in the answer sheet.

5 – Even if your course does not require completion, of course, before appearing for the exam, it is highly recommended to complete the entire course before appearing for any exam. It ramps up covers more areas than the older or previous version of the test.

Questions are very specific and to the point. You are required to know the terminologies, which may not be very familiar to you if you don’t go through the courses properly. An example is like mentioning the name of the bacteria and temperature needed to maintain the safety of the food.

More About the Primary and Secondary Alcohol Service

There are two alcohol safety tests provided by Servsafe. These two tests are completely unique and are subject to copyright if violated. One can take the exam after completion of the Servsafe alcohol course work. The four areas on which the exam is based upon are the alcohol laws, intoxication, checking identification, and dealing with difficult situations.

The Primary alcohol Servsafe exam can be directly studied from the course material, and the exam does not require any proctor. Passing the test certifies you about having the basic knowledge of serving alcohol.

The Advanced alcohol ServSafe test is an exam which is a secured, standardized exam that en-certain to you that you have mastered the art of alcohol serving as a responsible server. Questions of this test may not directly come from the book; rather, it encompasses the entire realm of alcohol service.

More About the Servsafe Allergens

This Servsafe allergens exam is required, or those wishing to obtain their certification in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and encourages everyone to work in the foodservice industry.

The Allergens course and assessment are provided online and require about 90 minutes for its completion. If both the course and the test are completed, you will be given the link to download our certificate.

More About the Servsafe Food Handler

 This exam is for the foodservice employees who are not in the management position. It certifies that one has the basic knowledge about personal hygiene, cleaning, sanitation, basic food safety, time and temperature, and cross-contamination and allergens.

The test contains 40 questions, and there is no time limit. You have to score a minimum of 75% in order to pass the test and to be eligible for getting a certificate.

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More About the Servsafe Manager Course

This course is for employees who are in the management position. This exam is to assure that you have the knowledge which is necessary to prevent foodborne illness, how to manage your staff for the efficient functioning of your workspace.

There are 90 questions, and the time limit for the test is 2 hours, and one has to score a minimum of 75% to be eligible for certification.