Who was Silvana Mojica All About Her Background

Barstool Sports creator Dave Portnoy recently started seeing a woman named Silvana Mojica. Recently, the Internet celebrity admitted that he and his Colombian lover had been spending a lot of time together.

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Silvana Mojica

Currently, Dave is dating model Silvana Mojica. According to her LinkedIn page, she is probably in her twenties right now. She currently resides in Miami, where she assists with social media marketing for a fashion and apparel firm.

Mojica’s resume includes stops in Atlanta and Orlando before he made his way to Miami. She attended Valencia College and then transferred to Florida State University, where she earned a BA in Marketing.

In a recent episode of his podcast, The Dave Portnoy Show With Eddie & Co., Portnoy revealed some intimate details about his relationship with his partner Silvana. He said, “I’ve been spending a lot of time with Silvana, who you ask me about every week.”

Dave said, “She just doesn’t want to sleep when she goes out. In her spare time, she enjoys sweeping the floor. It’s a big deal that she’ll be attending the Derby with me. Silvana also posted a video snippet of the incident to her social media accounts.

When did Rumours Begin that Dave and Silvana were Dating?

In March of last year, rumours began circulating that Portnoy and Mojica were an item. In early March, while in Miami, rumours circulated that the two were an item.

Dave and Silvana went out to Komodo, a popular restaurant and bar in Miami’s Brickell neighbourhood. After some time, she also posted social media images of the couple together. Fans began to speculate that the two were romantically involved after they began to be paired together.

Does Silvana Mojica have an Instagram Account?

The answer to the aforementioned query is an emphatic yes. Silvana, like many other models working in Hollywood, has an Instagram account. She has 142 posts on her Instagram account right now.

Mojica has amassed a massive following of over 219k people on the photo-sharing app Instagram. In her Instagram bio, she wishes that “your real life is as good as it is on Instagram.” Her Instagram bio states that she is a Fashion Nova brand representative.

Scrolling through the model’s Instagram page, we saw some beautiful images from her professional photoshoots, some cute pictures of her and her boyfriend Dave, and some shots from her travels around the world.