State Of The Union Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg; Marc Short, Rep. James Clyburn

Dana first speaks with Pete Buttigieg, a former mayor of South Bend, on his health care proposals for union members in Nevada.

Criticisms of his expensive fundraising methods, and his lack of support from black voters.

Dana then has a conversation with Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota about the Justice Department’s issue, her criminal justice record in Hennepin County, and Mike Bloomberg’s candidacy.

State Of The Union Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg; Marc Short, Rep. James Clyburn

Dana then has a conversation with Vice President Marc Short, who serves as the Vice President’s chief of staff, on the President’s opinions on Justice Department rulings and his support for stop-and-frisk.

Dana then speaks with Democratic Rep. James Clyburn about the impending election in South Carolina and whether or not Joe Biden’s firewall there is still in place.

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This is Very Tough Timing for Amy Klobuchar

On a call with reporters on Friday, Clyburn stated, “We’re all victims of timing occasionally, and some of us profit greatly from timing. The timing of this is really difficult for Amy Klobuchar, whom I greatly respect.

Clyburn responded, “That is the connotation, yeah,” when asked if he thinks her prospects of being selected are less likely now than they were a few weeks ago.

The senior congressman from South Carolina continued by stating that he does not personally know Biden or his campaign and that his conviction is solely based on a “gut feeling.”

Ending her Presidential Campaign

Black protestors disrupted a Klobuchar campaign event in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, forcing her to cancel it.

They were protesting her decision to condemn a Minnesota teenager to life in prison for murder while she was the county attorney.

Clyburn, whose support before the South Carolina primary is credited with giving Biden’s campaign a boost.

Didn’t explicitly state that the time is appropriate for Biden to choose an African American woman as his running mate.

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Following his convincing victory in Nevada, Bernie Sanders sought to solidify his position as the front-runner in the U.S. Democratic presidential race.

However, his opponents sought to stifle his momentum by holding rallies on Sunday in anticipation of the 15 nomination contests that will take place over the next 10 days.

With 88% of precincts reporting, Sanders, an independent senator from Vermont and self-declared democratic socialist.

Rode a tsunami of support spanning age, race, and philosophy to win 47% of the county convention delegates in the Nevada caucuses.