Fix Steam Corrupt Disk Error & Resume Stopped Downloads Now

When trying to download a newly purchased game or an update for an already installed game, users of Steam sometimes see the Corrupt Disk error.

Common causes include a BSOD or power outage, but it can sometimes show up unexpectedly. This is a major issue because Steam games can’t be played unless all updates are installed.

You’ll be relieved to know that there is more than one way to fix the issue at hand. Be sure you read and follow all directions.

Steam Corrupt Disk

Solutions To Fix Steam Corrupt Disk Error

There haven’t been many complaints about Steam, the most popular online video game retailer.

However, despite Steam’s best efforts, faults are inevitable, and the vast majority of users will encounter at least one problem at some point.

One such issue is the occurrence of a “corrupt disc” error in Steam. If you’re having trouble downloading from Steam because of a “damaged disc” problem, here’s how to solve it on Windows 10.

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Solution 1: Clear Download Cache

While the second technique is quite similar to the first, its focus is on removing files from the download that are no longer needed and won’t cause any problems.

Even though it’s not as efficient as the first way, many people have found it to be useful.

Step 1: Double-click the Steam client icon on your desktop, or use the Windows search tool to find it in the Start menu, and then select it.

Step 2: To access Steam’s configuration panel, select it from the client’s menu bar. If you want to clear your download cache, go to the Downloads tab in the Settings box and scroll down to the Clear Download Cache option.

Step 3: All extraneous downloads should be removed at this point, and a confirmation message should go up asking you to confirm your selection.

Step 4: When you’re ready to completely close the Steam client, select Steam from the menu at the upper left, and then click Exit.

Step 5: The Corrupt Disk problem can be checked for by reopening Steam and starting the download again.

Solution 2: Run the Error Checking Utility

If you’re getting this error message, try running the Error Checking software on the drive where your game is installed.

It should be able to address any file errors and drive management problems that might be causing it.

If you fix these issues on the drive where the game is installed, you should be able to play again right away.

Step 1: To access This PC, either navigate to the Libraries folder on your computer or select it from the left-hand menu of any other folder. Simply launch My Computer from the desktop in Windows 7 or earlier versions of Windows.

Step 2: To access the game’s settings, right-click the game’s installation drive and select Properties from the resulting menu.

Step 3: To activate error checking, open the Properties window’s Tools tab, then click the Check button. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes if you follow the on-screen prompts. Verify if the issue still persists.

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It’s understandable to feel frustrated when encountering the Steam damaged disc issue on Windows 10. Addressing the problem and fixing it won’t be difficult using these strategies. It’s possible that this problem will appear during the Steam update process.

The problem is likely to exist in the disc if the update is also being halted. The hard disc must have sufficient free space, so check that as well.