Steam Screenshot Folder

We primarily use screenshots for everything from sharing winning gaming news to merely some academic relevant information, be it bug reporting or a remedy to any device connected issue supplied on any website.

Anything that we believe is important or will be useful in the future. We make every effort to keep it safe, primarily through taking screenshots.

On a mobile phone, taking a screenshot is much easier; all we have to do is swipe the screen vertically down with three fingers, and the image is saved to our gallery.

How to

On the other hand, it’s a little more challenging on the PC. Taking a screenshot is simple, as it only requires tapping over the F2 key, which is the default key.

Methods to Stream Screenshot Folder

The challenging part is still locating the photograph that was taken. Only when you know the specific directory can you find a photo.

Steam is a video game distribution platform. You can take screenshots here at any moment in between games, although you might not be able to discover it.

The snapshot can be found in one of two ways: through a screenshot manager or by directly entering the screenshot folder.

Method 1: Screenshot Manager 

The screenshot manager in the Steam Client can be used to view all of the pictures/screenshots taken in the game.

This screenshot can be reached by following the steps below –

Step 1: Open your steam window first.

Click on the VIEW dropdown, which is located in the upper left corner beside the other dropdowns.

Step 2: Then, under VIEW, hover your mouse over the screenshots.

Step 3: On Steam or other social networking platform, you can upload any image you want. Also, if you wish to access it from your hard drive, select [Show on disc] from the drop-down menu.

If you wish to permanently delete screenshots from your hard drive, you can use the delete option.

Method 2: Physically Accessing The Screen Folder

Every user has their own screenshot folder, and photographs captured while playing games are preserved physically. This screenshot folder is located in the same location where Steam is currently installed.

Local disc C is the default location. Open your computer’s disc and type: – C: Programfiles (x86) Steam userdata youurSteamID> 760 remote – ID> screenshots.

Also, if you need to access your screenshot folders on a different operating system, here are some locations for other OS systems:

screenshots on macOS: Users/*Username*/Library/Application Support/Steam/Users/*Username*/Library/Application Support/Steam

Folder for screenshots in Linux: ~/.local/share/Steam

How Do You Discover Your Steam ID?

You’ll need to know your Steam ID to access the snapshot using method 2. If you don’t recall your steam id, you can get it by opening the Stream Client and following the procedures below –

Step 1: To begin, open the Steam Client.

Step 2: Next, hover your cursor over VIEW and select Settings.

Step 3: Finally, browse through the interface and check and save the box labelled “Display steam URL address when accessible.”

Step 4: Next, go to Steam Profile and select View profile.

Step 5: The STEAMID number at the end of the URL should be noted.

Now that you’ve got this, simply scroll up and use this to find your screenshots. Also, steam folders can now be found in a variety of locations across different operating systems, such as macOS, Linux, and so on.

On a Mac, where can I find the Steam Screenshot Folder?

The only difference between Mac and Windows is a change in the installation location; all other steps stay the same.

Users/username/Library/Application Support/Steam is the default directory on a Mac.

Put your MAC username instead of your steam username in lieu of username. Select the game you require by looking for it in the user folder and entering the game ID. Trace the “screenshots” and collect all of the photos in one area.

On Linux, Where Can I Find The Steam Screenshot Folder?

The default directory for Linux users is /.local/share/Steam.

Once you’ve gotten into the user data directory, look for your user folder and then your gameid> folder. Finally, hover your mouse over the screenshots.

You’ll be able to access screenshots this way.


Finally, the Steam platform is fantastic for gaming, with all of the fancy and required features to increase user interaction.

Our article has all of the necessary information for locating screenshots, which is a difficult task. We hope that this guide was helpful in locating your Steam screenshots folder and retrieving the images on Windows 10, Mac OS X, and Linux.