SubsMovies Alternatives to Watch Free TV Series

Movies and TV shows have become one of the few ways to get comfort in this cosmic existence. As a result, we seek out entertainment in the form of movies and television series that we enjoy.

One of the finest options for streaming movies and TV series without a subscription fee is SubsMovies. However, we will attempt to list 10 additional websites that can be utilised as substitutes for SubsMovies in this article.

Top 10 SubsMovies Replacement Sites You Must Try!

We’ve compiled a list of the ten best sites to utilise instead of SubsMovies. Sites from all around the web are excellent and engaging. You are free to select the one that best suits your needs.


1. FreeTV 

Openload Using FreeTV is a great resource, as you can find nearly anything you need there. It is possible to watch high-definition (HD) video on this website. It is possible to access Netflix and other streaming services right here on your computer.

The user interface is also quite well-organized and straightforward. In addition, it has a large number of backup servers, ensuring that the streaming is never interrupted.

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2. YIFY Torrent

YIFY films are one of the best options available for viewing and downloading films, and there are very few individuals who haven’t heard of them. This site’s most appealing features are its user-friendly interface and quick responses.

Additionally, there is a vast library of films and television shows. It’s possible to stream high-quality films here, and you can even broadcast your own movies. Using a forum, one may also exchange thoughts with others.


It is possible to stream movies and TV series without having to download them, which saves you a lot of storage space. In addition to being fully ad-free, this site offers high-quality streaming material.

There are a wide variety of film genres to choose from, making it simple to choose something to watch. However, the lack of television shows and web series is a drawback.

4. Fmovies

FMovies is viewed as a potential rival to SubsMovies and has grown in popularity as a result. The site’s design is simple and straightforward, and it doesn’t obstruct your vision.

You have complete control over how the site appears to you, and you’ll like the hassle-free experience it provides. FMovies is another option that is completely free.

5. 123Movies

Websites like 123Movies are a rarity. 123Movies is one of the most well-known, popular, and widely used websites on the Internet. It’s also completely free to use this website.

In addition, you can arrange the content by genre and even by nations like India, Korea and so on. The site has the ability to succeed where SubsMovies has failed.

6. AZMovies

AZ Movies is unquestionably one of the greatest streaming services. The site has a large number of servers, which ensures that the content plays smoothly.

You can also save stuff to your computer and watch it at a later time. One of the most appealing features is the ability to customise the streaming experience by altering the size, quality, and even adding subtitles.

7. YesMovies

With each new update, YesMovies gets better and better, making it an excellent resource for moviegoers. This is a pretty simple user interface, with only three options on the home page: movies, TV series, and research, yet it works quite well.

Watching stuff on this site is also possible without registering. In addition, the content is classified into a variety of categories, such as drama, classic, adventure, and so on. On the streaming front it’s a better option than SubsMovies.

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8. Putlocker HD 

Putlocker HD, like the original Putlocker service, provides HD material. Other content providers like Openload and others are available here as well. There’s a night mode for mobile viewing to make it more enjoyable.

You can browse through a wide variety of genres, including anime, drama, horror, romance, comedy, and more, all for free. The vast majority of their productions consist of whole episodes.

Interface and sorting of content is also good. The genres, dates, and IMDB ratings of each piece of content are all listed.


Here are five other websites that you can use instead of SubsMovies. Each of them is just as good as the next. You are free to pick and select from any of these options. I hope you find it useful.