T. Tomiyasu Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Takehiro Tomiyasu’s rumoured transfer to Tottenham Hotspur this summer is becoming increasingly likely. But with football season in full swing, it may be a long before that happens.

A deal is close between the Spurs and the Japan international defender, although he will be competing in the Olympic Games in his home country this summer. As a result, it’s more likely than not that the final talks and signing will occur in Japan, rather than in London.

T. Tomiyasu Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

T. Tomiyasu Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

On July 23rd, Tokyo will host the opening ceremonies for the Summer Olympics. If Japan is in the medal hunt, Tomiyasu might be active with the national team up to August 7 (the date of the Gold Medal match), which is also the date of the Community Shield, provided he signs within the next week or two.

On the season’s opening night, August 14, Spurs will host Manchester City to kick off the Premier League. Takehiro might prefer some leisure time before reporting to his team, and even in the best case scenario, it seems unlikely that we’d see him in a major match until after the season has already begun. No COVID-related isolation periods are being taken into account either.

That’s because the new club season kicks out in mid-August, following a frantic football summer. The transfer window doesn’t close until the end of August, so there’s still time for things to drag on.

despite agreeing on personal terms with Tomiyasu, Spurs are still roughly £5m short of Bologna’s asking price. That’s not an insurmountable problem, so it seems likely that Spurs will get a new defence… sometime.

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