The Best Apps for Kids to Deal with Anxiety

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Is there a kid in the house, either yours or someone else’s? Have you ever considered taking care of their mental health? Healthy mental development in childhood means reaching developmental milestones, learning healthy social skills, and dealing with problems when they arise.

Having a mental health problem can negatively affect a child’s life and make it difficult for him or her to function at Home, in school, and in the community. When children suffer from mental disorders, they experience serious changes in the way they learn, behave, or handle emotions, resulting in distress and difficulties with daily Life.

Children sometimes display disruptive behaviors or experience fears. A child with severe and persistent symptoms may be diagnosed with a mental disorder if they interfere with school, home, or play activities.

The mental health of our children is one of the areas in which we can help them thrive as parents. Keeping these components in balance is therefore important more than ever before. We have compiled a list of Apps that can help you keep in check your child’s mental health.

Make sure to have a reliable and fast internet connection like Spectrum at all times, so that you can notifications timely. Below are some of these apps to download right away:

The Best Apps for Kids to Deal with Anxiety

The Pillow App

You might have already heard about this app as it is not only beneficial for children, but elder people can also use it to take care of their mental Health. No one can deny that how well or bad you sleep is directly proportional to the quality of your mental state. This app can help you in this regard.

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This app tracks your sleep on your iPhone and Apple Watch. Pillowapp is currently among the most popular sleep-tracking apps available, thanks to its attractive user interface and numerous features. According to the app, we sleep in three broad phases:

  • Light sleep
  • Deep sleep
  • REM sleep

You can assess your overall quality of sleep by taking note of how long you spend in each of these phases. The Pillow sleep app will make recommendations based on this information, so you wake up only during light sleep periods. You will feel more energetic and well-rested in the morning after using this for a few weeks or months.

The Positive Penguins App

What a peaceful name! This app encourages children to express their feelings and enhances their resilience. Using it, you can boost your thinking skills and challenge negative thinking in a fun and interactive way.

Among the five-minute guided meditations available on Positive Penguins, children learn how to let go of negative thoughts the moment they enter their minds. Additionally, there is a strategy for children to comprehend that an event or situation created an emotion in them.

The app teaches that the emotion they are experiencing is not wrong or right, it is simply information. And once they comprehend this and understand the stories they are telling themselves about situations, they can challenge those stories and contribute to resolving them.

Children Learn mindfulness and relaxation skills through Positive Penguins while also challenging negative thinking.

The Best Apps for Kids to Deal with Anxiety

The Mindful Powers App

This one has to be our favorite. Through a series of meditations, Mindful Powers takes kids on a journey to become more mindful. As soon as you download the app and make an account, kids are introduced to Flibbertigibbet, a sea creature that helps them stay focused.

When Flibbertigibbet is stressed, it becomes dark and spiky. The kids gently rub the Flibbertigibbet to smooth it out. Kids are supposed to stay focused and calm by doing this. Additionally, they can set a “Focus Timer” to study, practice an instrument, or take a break. Flibbertigibbet keeps watch as the timer counts down.

A child who attempts to use the device while the time is active will experience stress and upset from Flibbertigibbet. With time, children discover new stories, all narrated by a youthful voice. Among the topics discussed are breathing, becoming aware of feelings, staying present, and showing empathy to others.

Wow, what a truly amazing idea!

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Wrapping Up

Technology is here to stay, and we cannot ignore it. Despite trying to limit the screen time of children, there may actually be some benefits to allowing them to use their smartphones. Children with anxiety can actually use apps to identify their feelings and decrease their symptoms.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned apps will help you support the mental health of your child.