The Nissan Z Proves You Should Just Build the Concept

As for me, a concept automobile is just not my thing. The car company gathers its top designers and grants them creative reign. After that, it displays a vehicle that it could only design in an alternate reality.

However, barriers such as rules and restrictions on manufacturing and the need to minimise expenses have made our world uninhabitable.

Consequently, by the time the concept car rolls off the assembly line, the production version is more akin to a turd with mirrors than the concept.

The Nissan Z Proves You Should Just Build the Concept

Sadly, many fascinating ideas never make it past the concept stage. These creative showcases of the top designers at automakers can nevertheless manage to leave us feeling uninspired.

Please don’t call anyone out here, but check out this sweet Infiniti. There is something to be learned by comparing that brand to its more popular alternative.

The first glimpses of the Nissan Z Proto from a year ago were impressive, showing a beautiful creation with a reference to the model’s illustrious history.

The Z Proto had everything we could have asked for in a new Z, including a twin-turbo V-6 and a six-speed manual transmission.

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Even Worse, a Lot of Really Amazing ideas Never Make it Past the Concept Stage

Even though they feature the innovative work of the industry’s greatest designers, these auto shows often fail to pique our interest.

We won’t single anyone out, but take a look at this Infiniti. Learning from the success of the more well-known sibling brand is worthwhile.

The Nissan Z Proto was initially shown to the public last year, and it immediately impressed with its careful design and nods to the brand’s illustrious past.

The Z Proto was equipped with everything we could have wanted in a new Z, including a twin-turbo V-6 and a six-speed manual transmission.

The generous donation came from Nissan. This worked out splendidly. It’s based on a thrilling sports car chassis and has a starting price of around $40,000.

That’s more affordable than a six-cylinder Supra and quicker than a four-cylinder Supra. It has been a while since a product has entered the market with as little fuss.

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Prior to Nissan’s reveal of the Z Proto “concept” in September 2020, Z aficionados and enthusiasts had no idea if or when a new Z would be released.

For years, Nissan has struggled financially due to declining sales and various company political concerns.

A new Z was not guaranteed to be accepted despite the fact that it had a 50-year history. Despite all of that, we’ve finally driven the all-new Z of the seventh generation, and it’s fantastic.