The Visions of Penélope Cruz

Although Janis has no way of knowing what disasters are ahead because Almodóvar films in order, Cruz was all too aware of this and began counting the days until her most difficult sequences.

She later reflected that “it was certainly the most intense shot ever,” a statement that proved accurate.

Nonetheless, she stifled her emotions, as Janis must, until the film’s climactic sequence was so traumatic to shoot that Almodóvar had to pick up a distraught Cruz from the floor.

The Visions of Penélope Cruz

While Janis has no way of knowing the disasters that lie ahead, Penelope Cruz is fully aware and has already started counting down the days until her toughest moments.

Her prediction that this would be “the most tense shot ever” was spot on. Still, she kept her composure as Janis must.

Right up until a crucial moment that was so painful to capture that Almodóvar had to help a distressed Cruz get back up off the floor.

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Penelope’s Imaginary Worlds

I hope it doesn’t hurt too much,” Almodóvar pleaded with her. Cruz was not in agreement with the general consensus.

“I don’t recall it as suffering because it was for her, for Janis, or for all the women who could be in a similar position of losing what they love most,” she said afterwards.

In my mind, she was very much a living being. She is real because he created her. The only difference is that when my Vision seizes hold, there is never any clap to accompany the outburst.

It’s like if I were asleep, except that my eyes would remain open and my hand would continue to move the pen across the paper.

When I’m working at Al’s All-Nite Diner, I sometimes drop the coffee pot, grab a napkin, and start writing without even hearing the truckers yelling at me.

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There’s always blank white paper in my pocket, but I always end up using the tickets where I record orders for coffee, ham, eggs, waffles, and hamburgers instead.

Sheila claims she has heard truck drivers yelling expletives that would make her blush like a beet, but she has never heard them herself.

Sheila claims they occasionally punch me; nevertheless, I simply respond by typing more quickly. For what reason, I can’t say. Once my Talent takes hold, I forget everything that has happened to me.