TikTok’s Bizarre Trend

You can not be on Tiktok and not know about this latest trend that had been going around the space now a days.

We know that Tiktok is a place where one can find the most bizarre trend that there is in the whole world but this seems to be a new kind of thing. We are familiar with the trend where one put rubber bands around a water melon until it burst.

TikTok's Bizarre Trend

TikTok’s Bizarre Trend

Well yeah, this one seems to be dealing with eggs. What is the trend you ask? Well this one includes the challenge of peeling an egg. What is so hard about it you might ask? Well the thing is that it is about the raw egg and not the cooked one.

Yes you heard it right. The people are peeling raw eggs from start to finish and that is done without breaking the membrane of the eggs. This seems like something made up but people are actually doing it on live and it is stressful yet satisfying to watch.

I am not going to lie to you, it triggered my anxiety when I first watched it. Any how you might be wondering right about now that how the hell do they peel an unboiled egg?

We have been asking ourselves the same question while some one on Tiktok explained it. They have to be very patient and the use of the tools and tweezers are the key to getting this challenge across.

What’s the Point of All of this you Ask?

Well money and viewers of course. Also there are a lot of people interested in trying their hands at this. Because think about an egg that does not have a shell but its not broken either. Well that’s a rare sight.

Maybe that’s why people are so keen on getting the challenge done. And it is satisfying to see the end result to be honest. That’s all.