The Best Tools for DevOps Development

Now you can see a trend that more and more specialists are using third-party tools to develop products. This is all happening with the sole purpose of making our development as good and functional as possible.

Specifically, DevOps tools can be summarized as a set of practices aimed at maximizing automation and speeding up the software release process.

Tools for DevOps Development

Other key elements are incremental, parallel, and iterative development of parts of the code, ongoing stakeholder engagement, continuous integration (CI), which takes the form of automated code tests, and continuous distribution (CD), which instead automates the process of putting already tested code into production.

Compared to traditional methodologies, the cultural impact is huge, so change management is an important aspect for all those companies that want to evolve towards DevOps methodologies.

However, in general, it can be said that two elements lie at the heart of the success of the new paradigm: a more or less radical change in thinking and the right tools, namely DevOps tools.

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DevOps Tool Functionality

The DevOps Tools methodology aims to make the software development cycle faster and more efficient, but without the right tools, it would be almost impossible to productively manage all the phases and micro-processes that make up this process.

For this reason, there are many different tools available on the market, with sometimes overlapping functions, that form the toolchain on which companies base their renewed flexibility.

Another possibility is to rely on DevOps as a service model in which the application layer is selected, integrated, and provided by a vendor with specific skills. Following are the main categories and features of DevOps tools:

  • Tools for writing code and creating assemblies
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) tool, an important source of automation
  • Testing and Deployment Tools
  • Iteration and release planning tools
  • Configuration, versioning, and provisioning management tools
  • Bug and error reporting tool
  • Tools to meet the need for constant feedback
  • Administration and security tools

Depending on the type of task you need to complete, you can choose one tool or another. Everything is as simple as possible.

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Top 3 DevOps Tools

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and practical applications that will help significantly simplify the entire development process.

Microsoft Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps is not a tool, but a set of tools that Microsoft provides to teams to automate and simplify software development pipelines.

As defined by the vendor, Azure DevOps aims to achieve smarter planning, better collaboration, and faster deployment through a modern set of development services.

Other platform tools are test services (Azure Test Plans), repositories (Azure Repos), and Azure Boards, which consist of tools for planning, reviewing, and analyzing teamwork, as well as Azure Artifacts and Marketplace with over 1,000 extensions.

Tools for DevOps Development


A tool known to DevOps teams, Jenkins is an open-source automation server that falls under the realm of continuous delivery (CD) and is available as a standalone application through native system packages or Docker containers.

Jenkins was created to effectively manage the entire development, testing, and distribution process, integrating steps into a pipeline, and automating the various tasks involved in developing, testing, and deploying code.

Cloudbees, for its part, is a leading company in the continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) sector and the largest contributor to the Jenkins project. Its CloudBees Core solution is based on Jenkins but extends its functionality by adapting it to enterprise-level best practices.

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Jira Soft

In one piece of software with a highly accurate, modern, and easy-to-use user interface, Atlassian combines release and project management functions to enable Agile teams to organize and schedule all phases of the development cycle promptly.

Of course, there are a huge number of tools and which one to choose is up to you. The main thing before this is to analyze your needs.