20+ Best Anime Websites to Watch Anime Online in HD

In the last ten years, the popularity of anime has skyrocketed. Westerners and East Asians alike enjoy it. In Japan, animation is referred to as “anime.” Japan-style animation famed for its bright, vibrant colours and magical subjects is seen outside of Japan as a Japanese style animation.

Anime can be found in a variety of places, including on television, in movie theatres, and even on online streaming services. Anime is popular because of the wide range of material it covers. In addition to romance, they offer humour and the most highly acclaimed thriller.

Watch Anime Online

As a genre, Anime excels at creating suspenseful story twists, cliffhangers, and anything else that keeps the audience engaged. Since Amines have become so popular over the world, it’s evident why.

When Streaming Anime, Always Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Online streaming websites’ legal position is at best dubious. As if that wasn’t bad enough, most Anime shows aren’t licenced for distribution outside of Japan.

As a result, if you want to watch anime on Japanese websites, you should use a reliable VPN like NordVPN to gain a Japanese IP address. To accomplish this,

Step 1: Go to NordVPN’s website and sign up for an account.

Step 2: Sign up, then pick a plan that works for you and set up an account.

Step 3: Select “payment mode” in step three.

Step 4: It’s time to get the NordVPN app up and running!

Step 5: Use a Japanese NordVPN server to set up a secure VPN connection.

Watch Anime Online on the Best Streaming Sites!

If you enjoy viewing anime but don’t want to pay for it, you may be on the lookout for anime websites where you can watch it without spending a dime.

What’s this? We’ve simplified the process by providing you with a list of 21 of the greatest Anime streaming websites.

1. Netflix

On this list, Netflix is at the top because it’s one of the best Anime streaming sites out there. Nevertheless, Netflix is not a free service.

It’s completely legal, and it has a slew of great options. It is home to a massive library of animated shows and films. Subbed and dub versions of various anime shows are available.

Netflix features well-organized options for categorising shows into numerous subcategories. As well as the web version, it also includes an app for Windows 8, iOS, and Android.

There are a lot of benefits to paying for Netflix’s premium membership. You’ll get access to additional content, such as Netflix originals and movies/TV episodes.

2. Hulu

The moniker “Hulu” for an anime website is a first. It is, on the other hand, simple to recall and say. Anime movies and series of many genres are available in HD on this site.

Hulu’s originals, movies, and sitcoms are among the several types of material available on this website in addition to anime series.

In addition, the app is available for mobile devices. There are a few drawbacks to this website as well.

To begin, this website is not free, but the monthly membership fee of roughly $7.99 is really reasonable. Second, it isn’t available in every country.

3. KissAnime.ru

KissAnime.ru is undoubtedly one of the top Anime sites on the internet. All of the content on this site is free of charge.

You don’t need to sign up for a premium subscription to view any of the site’s materials. Its server is of the highest calibre, and as a result, it provides lightning-fast service.

On KissAnime.ru, you’ll find an enormous selection of anime from all around the world. We have the classics as well as the cutting-edge.

The English dub and subtitles are also available for all of the episodes. There is no problem with communication.

On this platform, you can also save episodes that you wish to watch again later. You must first register on our site in order to access this feature, but don’t worry, it’s free.

4. Tubi TV

You can find all kinds of Anime, TV series, and movies in one place on this viral site. Compared to other anime websites, this one has significantly superior video quality.

Despite the fact that it only has a small selection of anime. Some well-known or famous Animes aren’t available, but the anime on offer are still excellent.

The website features a simple design with a dark colour scheme. The website makes it simple to sort and filter information by title or category. Ads appear on Tubi TV, but they’re not overbearing.

5. CrunchyRoll

Crunchyroll is a legal Anime streaming service. Even if you don’t have a premium subscription, you can still watch a lot of the episodes for free.

The free version’s video resolution is limited to 480p, so you’ll have to sacrifice on picture quality. In addition, three commercial breaks will be interspersed throughout the free episodes.

You can still watch free series like Naruto on this site, so it’s not a big deal anyways. Aside than that, their servers run smoothly with little to no lag.

6. JustDubs

Online anime streaming service JustDubs has become one of the most popular places to catch up on new shows and movies.

In addition, you can get free downloads of your preferred anime TV shows and movies. Animes of all genres are available, including horror, comedy, romance, thriller, and more.

JustDubs is a great place to find high-quality Anime videos, as well as a wide variety of other material.

To ensure uninterrupted communication, the videos are subtitled and dubbed. Because this site provides Anime content for free, it may be illegal in some countries.

7. Yahoo View

Yahoo View offers no-cost access to anime streaming. This website offers a wide selection of anime series and movies.

The quality of the video is really excellent. A variety of different genres of television series can be easily selected from a list of options.

In addition, this site does not have any adverts, therefore there is no need to set those Ad-blockers in place before streaming.

Anime like Attack on Titan, Cowboy Bebop, One Punch Man, and Death Note can be found on this website dedicated to anime.

8. Viewster

This website also offers anime series and films, however it is more well-known for its selection of easy movies and non-Anime films.

A good selection of anime episodes and movies are available, but the content is a little outdated. This is a fantastic place to start if you’ve never used an anime streaming site before.

All episodes include English subtitles, and advertisements are kept to a minimum. Genre-based streaming is available, and it’s as simple as scrolling through the available titles on the homepage to find what you’re looking for.

In addition to a mobile app, this site is also accessible via the web browser. Anime from throughout the world can be found here, as well. Last but not least, using this website does not violate any laws.

9. Crackle

Anime fans are likely to have heard of this website. There are some great freebies on this site, which is owned by Sony (so it’s legal).

Although there are fewer anime series available here, the excellent video quality makes up for it.

Non-Anime movies and TV series can be watched for free as well. Additionally, the site is ad-free, allowing for continuous viewing.

However, this site is not available in all countries, which is the only drawback of this service

10. ChiaAnime

This is one of the greatest places to watch anime online. Almost all of your favourite Anime series can be found here. To watch Anime, this is one of the best Anime Websites.

As a Japanese anime website, the audio won’t be available in English, but nearly all of the episodes are subbed in English for your convenience.

All the series contain episode titles that can be arranged in the playlist in a more efficient manner.

Pop-up advertising are absent from this website, which is a welcome change. This site also contains manga comics, Anime movies, and Anime soundtracks.

Online anime streaming services like Chia-Anime often have two participants. So, you may easily switch to the other one in case you have issues with the first one.

11. AnimeBam

AnimeBam has a wide variety of series in its database. This site is ideal for newcomers because it is easy to navigate and offers a broad variety of Anime to choose from.

HD versions of all videos are available. Additionally, this site is easy to use. For example, all dubbed programmes are identified by a green label, making it easy to tell which are and are not dubbed.

12. GOGOAnime

Anime may be watched for free online at GOGOAnime. There are seven servers to choose from on this service, which sets it apart from others.

When it comes to streaming, this allows the consumer a wide range of possibilities. You can also download the entire episode if you stay on the default VIDSTREAMING server.

Anime films can also be found on GOGOAnime. If you’d want to share your thoughts about anime with someone else who shares your interests, you may do it here as well.

Anime fans can join a chat room on this site to connect with one another and share their experiences.

13. AnimePlanet

Anime-Planet is one of the most popular Anime websites for its wide selection of Anime films.

Anime-Planet is one of the greatest Anime streaming sites because to its relationship with some of the most popular video streaming services. In comparison to other free Anime websites, this one also has fewer advertising.

There is a function on this site called “My List” that generates a list of anime shows that you’ve watched on the site that is based on your viewing history. You can think of it as a sort of YouTube’s “suggested videos” feature.

14. AnimeFreak

In this top ten list of the finest anime websites, you’ll find AnimeFreak, which provides daily updates on the newest anime shows and manga comics.

Since this site contains so much information, it’s more like an online diary than a business website. This website has a lot of helpful information.

If you use it on a regular basis, you’ll always be up to date on the latest anime news. In the beginning, you may have a hard time deciphering all of the small tags and information on the website.

15. Ani.me

As of today, there is a brand-new Anime website called “Ani.me.” To qualify for inclusion on this list, this site contains all licenced US Anime films.

In addition, there is a new Anime series included. The layout of the website and the playback interface are both excellent.

With categorised shows, it’s easy to find different episodes on the web. On this site, there are no interruptions in the playback of videos.

Additionally, a search option lets you look for specific episodes of your favourite series, further improving the user experience.

It can also be narrowed down by the most recent or popular anime series that are currently airing. Is there anything that could be improved on the site? Probably not.

16. Anilinkz

In the end, Anilinkz is just another free online Anime viewing service. Only the current Anime series are available here.

However, the website is easy to use and visually appealing. When a new episode of your favourite show is released, a thumbnail of the video will appear on the site so you can keep track of it.

As a result, this website features playback windows where viewers can discuss the current episode.

First and foremost, this site includes a lot of commercials that you’ll have to watch out for if you don’t want to be pestered by them; secondly, this site doesn’t feature vintage Anime; it only features current episodes.

17. AnimeNova

When it comes to sheer quantity, Animenova is the clear winner when it comes to anime streaming services.

As a result, this site has been dubbed the Anime Dictionary. A big number of the most recent anime episodes can be found here.

Anime fans will love this site, but newcomers may find it difficult to navigate owing to the site’s extensive material. Instead of photos or movies, this website makes use of text links.

In addition, there is no limit to the number of accounts you can create on this site. A search bar isn’t available, therefore finding a specific anime series could be difficult.

18. SoulAnime

All the popular anime series, such as Naruto, Bleach, and Fairy Tale, may be found on this website. Anime series from recent years can be found here as well.

In addition, the home page is user-friendly because it allows simple access to all the Anime series on offer. To make it easier to find a specific episode, the site incorporates image links.

Anime recommended by the website can be found via the “random Anime” option. The only drawback is that it lacks some of the older anime series.

19. MasterAni.me

On MasterAni.me you can watch free anime episodes online. Anime movies and TV shows can be seen indefinitely using this service.

Anime of many genres can be found in HD quality with both Japanese and English subtitles. Anyone who does not wish to pay for premium subscriptions on online

Anime streaming services can use this website. There are a lot of commercials between each episode on this website.

20. FreeAnime

Free Anime can be watched at 9Anime. This site includes a huge collection of Anime shows, making it interesting.

Action, parody, yaoi, and dementia are just a few examples of the many types of anime you may find. The 9Anime website loads lightning fast.

HD videos can also be seen on the site. On this site, you will not need an account even if you visit it free of charge. There are a plethora of various servers in this network.

In this way, if you have any difficulties, you can easily switch to a different one and still be informed of on-click adverts.

21. AnimeHeaven

The design of Animeheaven.eu is striking. There are numerous anime series available in both dubbed and subtitled form.

Also, there are Anime movies to choose from. All of the most recent episodes of currently airing Anime can be found with ease online.

All of the special series are classified according to genre, episode count, and release date. On this site, you may effortlessly sort through the most popular anime.

You may locate a chat room for your favourite shows on sites like Soul-Anime and Anilinkz.


You may watch anime online for free on a variety of websites. Some of these practises may be legal, while others may not.

However, the Anime websites that we have listed in this article are the real deal. It’s available to stream for free.

We’ve found a few places where you can get your hands on free stuff. For others, high-quality information may necessitate a paid subscription.

Selecting the best option for you is entirely your prerogative. You won’t be dissatisfied, no matter which site you choose.