West Side Story: Why Maria Has To Die At The End

West Side Story, directed by Steven Spielberg and based on Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet, changes the play’s ending by having only one of the star-crossed lovers, Tony (Ansel Elgort), commit suicide.

Spielberg and screenwriter Tony Kushner made some significant changes to the iconic ’60s musical West Side Story.

Including the introduction of Rita Moreno’s new character Valentina and Anybodys’ trans status.

The insertion of a past for Tony not only explains his split from the Jets but also hints at the story’s subtle need for Tony’s terrible death.

West Side Story: Why Maria Has To Die At The End

How Did Maria Died at the End?

Similar to how Romeo and Juliet ends, with Juliet pretending to die and Romeo taking his own life because he doesn’t grasp the message.

As soon as Juliet opens her eyes, she realises he is no longer alive, and she dies with him. However, Maria makes it.

After discovering the bodies of the destined lovers in the family tomb, the squabbling Montagues and Capulets are able to put their differences aside and make peace with one another at the end of R&J.

An echo of this finale may be found in West Side Story, as the Jets and Sharks temporarily put aside their rivalry to help lift Tony off the playground.

Even though Shakespeare’s feuding families reconcile in the end, the Jets and Sharks don’t give off the same vibe.

Our best estimate is that the males will go back to hating each other in no time, as the fundamental issues are probably too entrenched to keep the ceasefire going.

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The beauty of some couples’ relationships lies precisely in their unfinished nature. One of the most emotionally draining love stories ever told may be found in West Side Story (2021).

Maria and Tony’s love story went downhill just as it was starting to look good. You’ll be moved to tears and smiles by the passion and love displayed in West Side Story, a musical drama.

Maria and Tony’s story is as terrible as that of Romeo and Juliet. Seeing how the fight between the Sharks and the Jets gangs affects Maria and how her life unravels is riveting.