What Does A UX Designer Actually Do?

If you thinking about a start up and worried about it’s reach Or you have a business and surprising why your product sale diminishing. Then there are something you should know about. The one of the major concept of business which usually ignored by many people. There is a basic thing people should focus to enhance their business and their value.

This concept is known as UX, means the “user experience” which is essentially matter for any business or any product. UX is what experience does your user have with your product, On what condition your products is extremely demanding, how your product perform in market on comparison of others, how your product quality engaging with audience.

It literally depends on the individual perception of your audience. These all criteria are included in UX. User experience is one of the most important criteria for making a good interaction between you and user. And the interaction and engagement with user helps to improve your business and trade. Positive UX is proven profitable for your business.

It allows you to upgrade your sources for performing best in the market while on the other side negative UX may declining your product demand and can harm your business in any sense.

What Is UX Design?

There’s no common definable speech for UX design. Every individual has its own definition of UX design. They all revolve around a basic point which is “customer satisfaction”. The basic criteria of s business is interaction with the audience and make them satisfied with your product.

This can be done by knowing the perspective of an individual what they experience by our service. And this is what we call USER EXPERIENCE in short UX. The termed UX is given by Donald Norman, a cognitive scientist in apple company in the early nineties.

His main focus is on user experience with their product or service in all particulars which involves physical appearance, individual interaction, graphics, interfaces, data and all. For all these criteria he consider and gave a single term “UX” which means user experience.

UX designs are based on many Disciplines. From which some major are interaction design (IxD), experience strategy(ExS), user research (UR) and information architecture (IA). (IxD)Interaction design includes the interaction facilities providing by company to user.

It focus on that the user operate their services without any interruption, with ease. For example if anyone want to purchase anything he will firstly search it on google and came up with many websites option, he open your website but then your website take lots of time to open he will leave your website and go to another. That is why interaction design considered.

Secondly, Experience strategy (Exs) is the strategy which we used from the era’s in which we firstly prefer to those who have much experience in our work. It is same in UX. It focuses on the business strategies which are proven as profitable in marketing. Then, User research (UR) which again involve the perspective of individual.

In which they conducted surveys, feedbacks, reviews to know about their experience to enhance their product quality and for improvement of their services. Intelligence architecture is another discipline which deals with the management of the data and content and mould it in better way to bring out best results. Now these disciples have further involvements such as usability, accessibility, credibility, quality, availability and so on.

What Does a UX Designer Do?

UX designer is basically a source of permeability between the company and the audience. It works as a intermediator who is the superintendent who inspect that the services or product are user friendly or not with keeping an eye out on the company’s terms and conditions. Their job is to cover the gap between the audience and the company by finding the way to reach out to more traffic for their product which actually helpful for user.

You can also say that it work is to make services more flexible for user with keeping the company’s budget and demands on mind. It is up to the UX designer to bring out the best user friendly design which meet the company’s need also.

It is their job to engaging more people with the product. There are day-to-day responsibilities varies from business to business and even product to product. But there are some generic functions expected from a UX designer are creativity, designing interactive and user friendly interface, performing surveys and testing, coordinating the terms and conditions of the product according to the audience.

Providing great traffic by their creating mind, act as a counsellor for company and thinking for audience favour, making coordination with other team members and so on.

What Is The Typical Tasks And Processes a UX Designer Do?

1. Conducting The User Research

Research is the fundamental unit of any work. You want to do anything it is important you to know about it and for that you will do research on it. Similarly, If you want to make more and more audience for your product, it is important to firstly know about what is user demands about the product and then you start to mould it on that basis.

That’s what a UX designer do. Its job is to conducting user related research including their needs, points of interaction, their terms and their views through which he can bring out a flexible and better acceptable design.

2. Making The User Friendly Designs

Sometimes, being critical in operating a websites user leave and go to another one or being taking more time in loading users move to other sites. To cope with this problem, UX designer work is to make designs with the user friendly ideas which attract user to your product.

It is designer’s job to check what is the problem in interaction between user and product and then find the best way to solve them. Creating flexible and engaging designs is what a UX designer do.

3. Conducting The User Testing

User testing is the important program. If you don’t know what the problems facing by user by your product then how will you resolve it. Testing is done for personal views or feedback or you can say reaction of individual user on your service or product.

Through it you can get to know about the problems they facing with the designs of prototypes. It is done by taking feedback personally from the user to notice their actual reactions and by verbally for better results. By testing you can improve your product demand and business growth by improving your flaws.

4. Presentation Of Product

Presenting your product with transparency and the show the actual values of your product. Representing the benefits and points of your product with creative content through interface is the role of the designer. Designing a elegant, creative, and user-friendly interface which is more accepting in the audience.

5. Creating IA, Wireframe , Prototypes

IA is overall structure of your website, app Or any other ecommerce medium. This structure is also designed by UX designers. With their creativity and design user will be able to find their respective information or product with ease. They create a user friendly architectural for interaction and trade of product.Secondly, they create wireframe is the basic steps taken by user to get the product on the website. It is design by UX designers.

You can say that wireframe work is one of the characteristic of UX designers.But wireframe is depending on the type of your work and company. Next is prototyping which is known to be similar as wireframe but it is not. Prototyping is pre-presentation of the product by sample, models, draft etc. It has its own Significance and also created by UX designers.

You can say that UX designers job is analysing, research product, creating designs, conducting testing, creating prototypes, wireframes, content developing, making strategies, creating user friendly interface, coordinating with other team members.

What Skills Does a UX Designer Need?

Skills make a designer beginner to the professional. UX designers needs both technical and basic skills to enhance their productivity. The skills that a UX designer must have for a bright career are including:-

1. Creativity, Curiosity And Enchanting Mind

Without creativity there’s no field you can stand on. Creativity is the basic need for any type of designing. If you have brilliant and mind blowing ideas your demand goes on high. If you have curiosity to do something innovative with your previous work to make better and better then you have potential create designs. The way you express yourself and user appreciate, is the way of success. Your imagination and ideas are all your base for being UX designer.

2. Researching And Observing Ability

The main motive of UX designing is to make your design user friendly with the help of user experience. You must have observing and researching ability by which you remark the basic needs and main problems or difficulties facing by user from the product. By inspecting you can design more favourably.

3. Creating Wireframing And Prototyping

It is a technical and a Characteristic skill for each and every UX designer. Both wireframes and prototypes are looks similar but actual have significant Characteristic. Both are required for designing any website, app, business. It is the technical known way to create designs. And it also depending on the technique and enchanting mind.

4. Coding

Coding act as the main skill for designers. If you are a designer or developer then there’s no doubt that you having knowledge of computer languages. You must know the languages which are basic for creating the interface. The main languages includes HTML, java script, python and others. You must know the computer language to start as a UX designer. If you are front end developer, UX designer, any technical individual then coding is your hand on power.

5. UX Content

Content is main source of interaction. If your content is engaging or attractive then user may see your website. If your content is show the transparency or expressing your product then the content is called engaging. UX content creation is the skills which is underrated but actually it is not. It is main way of interacting audience.

Managing and presenting the content which actually attract the users and making them stay to your platform is done by UX designer. This is also a skill used by UX designers for creating the best designs for your website, app or interface.

6. Understanding Of Information Architecture And problems Solving Techniques

For creating any websites or apps you must have the knowledge of information architecture. You must know that how to create the structure of websites or apps. It is also belongs from the technical skills. And it includes the techniques a UX designer used in tackling and solve the problems coming from the use of your service.

7. Soft Skills

Some soft skills which are required for any designer is the collaborating capability, their way of communication, fascinating ideas, broad thinking, empathy, coordinating skills from users to the company and team members, empathetic and disciplinary, punctuality, understanding with users.


If you want to explore the digital world and want a bright future, then it will definitely help you. UX designing is the route to the success. As you can see the growth of E-commerce since few years increasing rapidly and it is expected that in upcoming few year it will become the major platform of trading and become essentially important for any business.

UX designing is not that much explored field and the struggle is less at that time but the demand of these designing will increase definitely after few years and then there is an acceleration in the demand of UX designers. So if you want to make your career as UX designers then go ahead because Ulteriorly there will be need of many UX designers.

UX designing is also used by many companies for making interaction with a large and qualitative crowd. Many Companies indulging and growing their business with the help of UX designing. After a while, when the world becomes totally digital then the demand of UX designing increasing rapidly and them from small to large corporation used UX designs to make their source more interactive and qualitative which benefits and accelerate the business growth.