What Does HMU Mean on Snap

Slang is just one of the many amazing things you may pick up on the Internet on a daily basis. This time around, we’re all here for a definition of “HMU.” We should get right to deciphering it.

What the HMU!

The abbreviation for “HMU” is “Hit Me Up.”

When someone tells you to “HMU,” it means they want to hear from you. If your crush is the one that HMU’d you, then you better hurry up and respond because they might move on to someone else.

You can contact them easily via text message or Instagram direct message. It’s as simple as giving them a ring.

What Does HMU Mean on Snap

In addition, it can serve as an open invitation. You may submit inquiries to them at any time or invite them to a social gathering. You can go to them for anything at all.

Need some illustrations? What you wanted is here!

  • I can’t take the 9 to 5 grind any longer; let me know if you want to get out sometime.
  • Get in touch with me if you’re free to meet up at another time.

Okay, off-topic, has it ever happened to you that you didn’t grasp the meaning of “HMU”? You’re too perplexed to answer an HMU message, huh?

Please believe me when I say that that is the norm and the typical occurrence.

what does HMU imply in text?

It’s also probably not a good idea to use an HMU tone when addressing your supervisor.

So, it’s best to just say HMU to your pals and coworkers. It’s cool and entirely casual to ask someone to hit you up.

Though, you should make sure they understand the invitation’s setting.

It’s Official: HMU + TBH

TBH is one of the many formulas and applications of HMU.

You’re asking for an honest assessment of yourself but also wanting to hear feedback from others. To get an honest view of someone else, you can use the same method.

As the acronym TBH indicates, we’re just being straight forward with you here.


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