What Does Rizz Mean in Slang

We’ve got you covered when your friends or followers use the word “Rizz” in a sentence, so you can join the conversation without feeling left out.

Daily, weekly, monthly, there is new jargon, phrases, and challenges circulating online. From TikTok to Twitter to Instagram, the journey of ever-evolving trends is a never-ending adventure.

The hype surrounding this slang phrase, however, is well-deserved. And to your delight, it comes from a source you’ve seen before.

Let’s dig into the history of this slang term and figure out what it’s trying to say.

What Does Rizz Mean in Sslang

What Does TikTok’s Rizz Symbol Mean?

Start with the question that has been asked the most often by our readers. Kai cenat, a popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber, coined the term “Rizz” as a slang term for New York City. Rizz literally means “to get a female” or “to up your game.” What part of that didn’t you understand?

Let’s look at an illustration.

Silky: I heard you chatting with Rachel, the girl over there. Have you been able to get her number?

Yes!, exclaimed Kai. You can see I’m ticked off, Rizz.

You’ve finally figured out why this jargon is ubiquitous on the web. Like the Twitch streamer, others have been debating on the internet about who has more Rizz.

The Rizz We Don’t Say

In addition to the common slang term “Rizz,” a more advanced slang term known as “Unspoken Rizz” also exists. In addition to the standard slang term “Rizz,” the Unspoken equivalent “Rizz” has recently become popular online.

To put it more accurately, it’s like a more refined form of slang. The Unspoken Rizz deviates slightly from the common conception of a “Rizz,” who is a guy who can easily pick up women.

As his moniker implies, Unspoken Rizz is the type of guy who can woo women with just his good looks and charisma, without ever having to say a word.

In fact, it’s not easy to do that. These dudes have earned the moniker “Unspoken Rizz” for their actions. The significance of Rizz the Unsaid is tremendous. And this is a more advanced level, since it signifies that men are being respected.

You may be surprised to learn that the term has really been existing since June 2021; nonetheless, it has only recently gained traction in online circles.

Brief Biography of Kai Cenat, the Man Behind the Slang Name “Rizz”

Since you now know what this slang means, it’s time to find out more about Kai Cenat, one of the guys responsible for its creation. The truth is that Kai is a well-known face in the online community as a result of his videos and live broadcasts. His brilliant writing on the internet has made him famous.

An up-and-coming Instagram comedic star, whose fame stems from clever, brief comic routines based on internet memes. The streamer’s unique approach to content creation has helped him amass more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

In addition, his hilarious YouTube channel has over 2.11 million subscribers. More than a million people have watched Kai’s video on YouTube.