What does Unviewed Story Mean on Snapchat

An “Unviewed Story” notification from Snapchat about a friend or contact you haven’t seen in a while is bound to pique your interest. Here, we’ll break out how Snapchat’s notification system alerts you to new stories you’ve missed.

Among today’s youth, Snapchat has risen to prominence as one of the most popular social media platforms. Filters, lenses, streaks, and Spotlights are just a few of the many interactive elements that have kept users glued to the programme.

Recently, Snapchat has included a Dual Camera function that resembles BeReal but is not an exact clone. It has exclusive features that you won’t find anywhere else.

What does Unviewed Story Mean on Snapchat

Snapchat: What does “Unviewed Story” Mean?

Snapchat’s Story feature is just one of several available options. Like Instagram and WhatsApp, you can post a photo or video to the service and have it disappear after 24 hours if you choose the “Story” option.

After 24 hours, a Snapchat Story is instantly destroyed and cannot be viewed. If you haven’t checked out a friend’s Story in the last 24 hours, Snapchat will alert you before it disappears forever.

When a Snapchat friend or contact posts a story that you haven’t seen yet, Snapchat will alert you with a “Unviewed Story” notification. Where xxx is the contact’s username or name, the message reads, “You have an unviewed story from xxx.”

Snapchat’s Friends tab is where you can browse through everyone’s story feeds. You’ll see a “purple circle” around the unread stories.

Is there a new Notification Called “Unviewed Story” on Snapchat?

The “Unviewed Story” does not indicate a fresh Snapchat message. It has been a staple of the app since its early days, back when it was simply called “Unseen Story.” Due to Snapchat’s infrequent transmission, you may have never seen it.

Since the beginning of October, however, Snapchat has increased the notification’s frequency, and many users now receive it daily even if they don’t view their friends’ stories.

Snap Inc. has developed an algorithm that sends a message when you have been consistently viewing a user’s story but are likely to miss for a day or two. Then it will notify you with a “Unviewed Story” alert, which you may touch to read.

How to Disable Snapchat’s Reminder That You Have an Unseen Story.

When you’re not in the mood to read everyone’s updates, the Unviewed Story or Unseen Story notification can be rather aggravating. The “Unviewed Story” notification can be disabled if it’s causing too much trouble.

To access your Snapchat profile, launch the app and click on your profile icon in the upper left corner. Select Settings by tapping the gear symbol. Proceed to the “Notifications” sub-section of “My Account” and click there.

De-select the option that reads “Stories from friends.” If you do this, you won’t see your friends’ Snapchat stories when they’re posted. It means you risk missing out on shows you really want to see.

Snapchat notifications can be turned off entirely by removing the app from your device’s notification settings. However, this increases the risk of missing out on critical Snapchat communications.  It’s also possible that your winning run, which you’ve been on for days, will be interrupted.

The best course of action is to simply disregard the alert and keep working. The end of this message. You should know what happens when Snapchat users don’t view a story. It’s just a random prompt to check out a friend’s story, and there’s nothing confusing about it.