What Happened To Lil Baby And Jayda Wayda

Born Jayda ‘Wayda’ Cheaves, Jayda Wayda is an entrepreneur, Instagram celebrity, and model who gained fame through her relationship with American musician Lil Baby.

The previous couple dated for around six years. Even though they are no longer together, Jayda was able to capitalise on her ex-celebrity boyfriend’s position to become a well-known and successful artist in her own right. What happened to her? If she’s not married, does she have a new boyfriend?

We’ll delve more into her background, family life, and present relationship status in this section. We will learn about Jayda Wayda’s professional endeavours, online profiles, and more.

Both Waydamin and AmourJayda are brands that Cheaves owns and operates. Over 7.5 million people follow the social media star on Instagram; 562,200 people follow them on Twitter; and over 350,000 people subscribe to their YouTube channel.

What Happened To Lil Baby And Jayda Wayda

In 2022, Jayda is enjoying the fruits of her labour as the owner of a successful LA-based business. More details regarding her early life, loved ones, and present beau will be revealed underneath. Find out what happened between Jayda and Lil Baby.

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Savannah is where Jayda Wayda’s life began and where she has spent her entire life.

On September 25, 1997, in Savannah, Georgia, the world was introduced to Jayda Cheaves, an Instagram celebrity. Her mother, Tricia Cheaves, was a Libra, thus she was born with that sign. In September of 2022, she’ll turn 25 years old.

Wayda and her siblings, Len and Ameerah, grew up in Savannah. She attended Windsor Forest High School and graduated in 2015. She participated in cheerleading while attending Windsor Forest.

Soon after completing her undergraduate studies, Jayda Wayda launched her career as an influential figure.

Jayda’s career as an Instagram influencer began after she graduated from high school. As of August 2022, she has 7.5 million followers there, and each of her posts gets an average of 310k likes.

If you check out her Instagram, you’ll see that she regularly shares wardrobe ideas, promotional content, and pictures from her travels and vacations. She also uses the platform to market her clothing line, WAYDAMIN, under which she offers a variety of swimwear, as well as outerwear, footwear, and intimates.

In addition, the cost of her wares begins at roughly $30 and goes as high as $120. Everything on her website is currently fifty percent reduced, bringing the price down to as little as twenty dollars.

Even though she doesn’t follow anyone on Twitter, she has close to 130,000 followers. There are more than 3.6 million people that follow her official TikTok account.

YouTube isn’t the only thing Jayda Wayda does.

Wayda’s self-titled YouTube channel premiered on August 4, 2018, following her breakout popularity on Snapchat and Instagram. She currently has over 350,000 subscribers and her 24 videos have been seen over 10,000,000 times.

Her debut video, titled “Jayda’s First Vlog,” was published on December 17, 2018, and it has now racked up over 465k views. The film shows her socialising, shopping, and just having a good time with her pals. She even used YouTube to announce the gender of her unborn child.

Her baby daddy, rapper Lil Baby, is featured in one of her most popular videos, “Happy Fathers Day.” As of 2020, the video had over 1.2 million views.

Social Blade estimates that her monthly channel revenue is between $12 and $199, and her annual channel revenue is between $149 and $2.4k.

It has been reported that Jayda Wayda and Lil Baby were an item.

In 2016, Jayda, an American fashion model and businesswoman, began dating American rapper Lil Baby. In a similar vein, their relationship was a major talking point as Lil Baby was trying to make it big in the music business.

But in 2018, for various reasons, the couple broke up after dating for almost two years. After Jayda’s pregnancy news, however, the couple was able to rediscover each other.

They eventually made up and in February 2019 their son Loyal Armani was born. After then, the reunited trio lived happily in their LA house until 2020, when they once again went their separate ways.

Jayda ended her relationship with her cheating ex-boyfriend.

Dominique, aka Lill Baby, cheated on Cheaves with adult actress Ms. London, despite the fact that their relationship appeared to be flourishing. You read that correctly.

While still dating Jayda in 2020, the rapper reportedly forked over $6,000 to have one night with London. One of London’s now-deleted tweets verified the news.

In 2022, who is Jayda Wayda dating, if anyone?

As in the year 2022, the business owner, who is only 25 years old, is said to be unmarried. Wayda has moved on from her relationship with Lil Baby and is currently single.

Despite her reputation as a person who doesn’t mind sharing details about her personal life, Jayda hasn’t introduced a man as her boyfriend in over two years. So, it’s safe to assume that she’s doing fine on her own.

In regards to Dominique, he was apparently seeing a woman whose name was Dior. There have been no further developments in the status of Baby and Diro’s relationship since it was reported that Baby had invested $10,000 in Diro’s hair and cosmetics business.

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Just how wealthy is Instagram sensation Jayda Wayda?

In 2022, Jayda, being 25 years old, has a net worth of $2 million. She earns tens of thousands of dollars annually through her product line, sponsorship partnerships, and photo shoots.

She also runs a clothing store under the name “AmourJayda.” Similarly, it has been alleged that Jayda earns between $15,039 and $25,065 for each sponsored post on Instagram.