When is Tekken 8 Coming Out

It’s been a long seven years since the last Tekken game came out, but the series is one of the most important and famous in fighting game history.

That’s why everybody went nuts when Tekken 8 was unveiled in September 2022, and now you can find out everything there is to know about it right here.

Release Date of Tekken 8’s Arrival

The one letdown of the otherwise impressive trailer up there is its final message: “Stay Tuned” rather than a release date, even if it was truly far off in the future.

When is Tekken 8 Coming Out

Anyone who is hopeful about video game release dates certainly hasn’t been around for very long, if at all. This suggests that the earliest release of Tekken 8 is possible towards the very end of 2023, and that 2024 is also a very plausible (and likely) alternative.

That indicates the release date for the game is still quite a ways off, but a sudden announcement might change everything.

Platforms for Tekken 8

Sony may have broken the news about Tekken 8, but it won’t be a PS5 exclusive.

Instead, Tekken 8 will be released for the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

To those hoping to pick up a graphically spectacular fighting game at some point in the future, the fact that the game won’t be coming to PS4 or Xbox One and will be too strong for the Nintendo Switch is fantastic news.

The plot and mechanics of Tekken 8

The plot of Tekken can be difficult to understand (as is often the case in the fighting game genre), but the one and only trailer for Tekken 8 provides some helpful clues.

Series protagonist Jin Kazama gets into a huge brawl with his father Kazuya Mishima, who doesn’t quite look his age in this instalment.

The Devil Gene they share is likely to play a central role once again, with Jin trying to harness the power of the Gene for good despite its inherent instability. Of course, there will be more characters to know and love, and that means the story will be rich and enjoyable.

In terms of gameplay, the trailer may give the impression of an actual in-game battle, but it isn’t. This is the game engine in action, at 60 frames per second on the PS5, albeit the conflict shown here is more of a cutscene than actual gameplay.

Even so, the visuals are stunning and seem to be quite similar to what you’ll see in the final game. It also has a number of impressively powerful attacks that get better as the fight proceeds.

Keep an eye out for the dynamic stage and its many backdrop components the next time you view it, but until we see actual gameplay footage it will be difficult to assess Tekken 8’s changes.

Players on Tekken 8’s Roster

An important question before the debut of any fighting game is which characters, both new and old, will be playable.

In the case of Tekken 8, we don’t know much about the characters yet outside Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima, who appeared in the initial trailer.

There may be other playable characters besides these two fighters. There was a character creator in Tekken 7 that let you make your own fighter, and we hope that feature returns in Tekken 8.