Who Is College Counselor Ms. Warner on “Never Have I Ever” Season 2?

Fans of Never Have I Ever have been raving about the new episodes and characters since Season 2 became available on Netflix.

The college counsellor at Sherman Oaks High, Jennifer Warner, causes quite a stir when she first appears in the programme and continues to do so whenever she shares major plot developments.

Those who watched the second season of Never Have I Ever were curious about the college advisor’s backstory. Let’s delve deeper into who Ms. Warner is and why her role in Season 2 is so important.

‘Never Have I Ever’ star Alexandra Billings plays Ms. Warner, and she is best recognised for her role as Davina on the Amazon series Transparent.

Who Is College Counselor Ms. Warner on "Never Have I Ever" Season 2?

With this part, Alexandra joined the ranks as only the second out transgender actress to portray a trans character on television.

Ms. Warner is represented by a transgender actress, however it is never made clear whether or not Ms. Warner identifies as trans.

Alexandra Billings plays Ms. Warner on ‘Never Have I Ever’

Ms. Warner breaks the awful news to Devi halfway through the season that she may fail P.E. because of her frequent absences.

But she discloses that if Devi runs in the 24-hour relay for charity with her cross country team, she has a chance to improve her grade.

She Coaches the Cross Country Team

Ms. Warner calls Paxton during the winter dance in the season finale to tell him that he has improved his grades and now has a chance at attending college.

It seems like you and Devi make a nice team, huh? she asked Paxton. After that, he decides to attend the winter dance in an effort to make up with Devi.

Ms. Warner, unwittingly maybe, prevented the sinking of a ship that had long since been written off.


Season 2 of Never Have I Ever is packed with memorable events. Some examples are Devi’s poor decision-making, Paxton’s on-the-spot woodworking lesson, and the introduction of college guidance counsellor Ms. Warner.

In the pilot episode, she does not appear again. However, in the second season episode “…Opened a Textbook,” performed by Alexandra Billings, Ms. Warner is introduced.