Why is My Apple Watch Not Charging

Possibly you failed to remember to plug in your Apple Watch last night. So, as usual, when you noticed that your Apple Watch was running low on juice, you charged it by placing it on its magnetic charger.

But to your utter dismay, neither the green lightning bolt nor the charging process initiated. You did everything you could think of to resolve the Apple Watch charging problem, but to no avail. You’ve come to our guide because you need help fixing your smartwatch.

Please relax! We have documented multiple viable solutions to the Apple Watch charging problem. You should try these workarounds first before thinking about sending your watchOS device in for service.

Why is My Apple Watch Not Charging

What Could Be the Possible Reasons Behind Why is My Apple Watch Not Charging?

Most of the time, the flawed magnetic charger or unapproved USB power converter is to blame. A secondary culprit is the accumulation of dust behind the Apple Watch and magnetic charger.

The Apple Watch charging problem could be the result of a sporadic software bug or hardware failure. This necessitates a multifaceted approach to the issue at hand.

Tips to Fix Why is My Apple Watch Not Charging

Let’s begin by learning what generates red and green lightning and what distinguishes them from one another. After that is complete, we will investigate possible solutions to the Apple Watch’s charging issues.

Make Sure the Charger is MFi Certified

Make sure any external charging stand or charger you use is MFi (designed for iDevices) certified before using it. If it isn’t, your Apple Watch will keep reminding you that the attachment is incompatible.

If the unofficial charger does not display any warnings, it is still not safe to use it to power your smartwatch. In addition, it may lead to the smartwatch overheating.

Make Sure the Back of Your Apple Watch and the Magnetic Charger are Clean

If your Apple Watch isn’t charging, the first thing to check is whether or not the back of the device and the magnetic charger are clean. You may be having charging issues because dust has built up on both your smartwatch and its charger and you haven’t cleaned them in a while.

Use a gentle, lint-free cloth to wipe down the watch and the charging dock. The next step is to try charging the wearable device while hoping the issue goes away.

Ensure That the Plastic Wrap Has Been Removed from Both Sides of the Charger

The plastic wrap often gets in the way of charging, which may sound weird to some. If you haven’t already done so, remove the plastic from both sides of your magnetic charger. The next step is to connect your Apple Watch to the charger and check to see if it is charging. If it has, the problem is no longer an issue.

Force Restart Your Apple Watch

Try a hard reset (also known as a force restart) if your Apple Watch is still not charging. The hard reset has always been a reliable method for fixing common watchOS problems. Your watchOS device’s charging problem, if any, may be fixed.

Try a Different Apple Magnetic Cable and USB Power Adapter

You still don’t have the solution? If the magnetic charger or the USB power adapter is damaged, your Apple Watch may not charge. If you’re having trouble charging your smartwatch with the included magnetic cable, try switching to a USB power adapter instead.

It’s the problem of the charger if your watchOS device begins charging this time. To help you select the right charger, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top Apple-approved charging options.


Most Apple Watches may be summed up in these few terms. These are obviously not ordinary wristwatches, even to the uninitiated. Considering all the tasks it can handle, it’s like strapping another smartphone to your wrist.

Apple Watch does more than just tell time; it can track your health and help you control your iPhone. With so many uses, it seems to reason that its battery life would be short. Even with heavy use, the battery life of an Apple Watch should be up to 15 hours under normal circumstances.

The time frame is contingent on whether or not you can charge it for the suggested amount of time. It will be tough to enjoy the benefits of the smartwatch without regular charging. Hope now you know why is my apple watch not charging.