Why is Nancy Reagan Trending on Twitter

This past weekend, hundreds of tweets about Nancy Reagan went viral. Maybe you were as perplexed as I was.

However, there is no need to worry, as I shall now provide an explanation of JUST WHAT IS HAPPENING.

This weekend, a Twitter user posted a photo of Madonna next to one of Nancy Reagan. “Now that she’s 63, Madonna looks like this.

Why is Nancy Reagan Trending on Twitter

At 64, this is Nancy Reagan. Comparison of sloppy and refined ways of living “In other words, they put pen to paper.

Comedian and author Zach Heltzel ratio’d* a story on journalist Kitty Kelley’s biography of Nancy Reagan that he tweeted.

In the extract, Nancy is said to have been “known in Hollywood for performing oral sex” before she married Ronald Reagan.

According to her biography, Kelley would frequently deliver blow jobs “not only after work, but even while in the workplace. That’s why she enjoyed such widespread acclaim among MGM employees.”

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Twitter Users React to Abby Shapiro’s Madonna/Nancy Reagan Comparison

The internet is divided about whether or not Madonna resembles former first lady Nancy Reagan (images courtesy of Diana Walker/Getty Images and Madonna’s Instagram).

The internet is divided over Madonna and Nancy Reagan comparisons. (Photo by Diana Walker/Getty Images, via Madonna’s Instagram)

Abigail Shapiro, nicknamed Classically Abby on YouTube, is Ben Shapiro’s sister. She is well-known for her conservative views.

The artist advocates for a traditionalist lifestyle and has been attacked before for a video she made about modest dress for ladies.

Although it was viewed approximately 1.5 million times, the 2020 video titled “Why YOU should wear modestly” was widely panned by critics.

Recently, the YouTuber gained attention for drawing parallels between Madonna and Nancy Reagan in their sixties, when both women were at the height of their fame.

Is It True That Nancy Reagan Reigned as the “Blow Job Queen” of Hollywood?

The public digging up of Nancy Reagan’s sex history via a convoluted trail involving the sister of conservative commentator.

Ben Shapiro and pop icon Madonna was one of the weirder news items, if you can call it that, of the recent week.

You can read a more in-depth description of what happened here, but to summarise: an old anecdote about the former first lady’s ability at fellatio from her Hollywood days surfaced, and she became a trending topic on Twitter.

Then the Twitterati went nuts with their foul language. (Among the more civilised insults levelled, “blow job queen” was one of the more common phrases used to describe her.)

The information originated from a controversial biography written in the early 1990s, thus its veracity was unclear.

How serious was Nancy’s Hollywood problem, anyway? Karen Tumulty, an editor at the Washington Post and author of a new biography of Nancy Reagan (née Davis) released earlier this years.

Graciously agreed to share her thoughts. The following is a truncated and modified version of our talk.

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From 1981 to 1989, Nancy Davis Reagan (/ren/; born Anne Frances Robbins; July 6, 1921 – March 6, 2016) served as First Lady of the United States of America. She was Ronald Reagan’s second wife.