Why These Beautiful Spotted Lanternflies Must Die

The spotted lanternfly, scientific name Lycorma delicatula, is one of the most harmful insects around.

Originally from Asia, this noxious weed made its way to the United States about seven years ago. Even jobs are in jeopardy as a result of the spread of the disease.

Why These Beautiful Spotted Lanternflies Must Die

“Honeydew” is a disgusting residue that can turn into mould and drop sticky stuff onto automobiles and patios as well as being dangerously slick if stepped on—and it just plain stinks when its aroma strikes your nose.

Isn’t it lovely? A lot of nature enthusiasts would say, if that seems like a bug you just want to get rid of, go for it.

In some regions, residents are being instructed to kill spotted lanternflies as soon as they notice them because environmentalists are so concerned about the potential harm they could do to local ecosystems.

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Damages Caused by Spotted Lanternflies

When it attacks plants, the spotted lanternfly can inflict extensive damage, including sap leakage, wilting, leaf curling, and dieback.

Additionally, the honeydew excreted by spotted lanternflies promotes the establishment of black sooty mould in addition to causing damage to the plants.

This mould is safe for humans to handle, but it can be harmful to plants. There are hundreds of these terrible bugs infesting and quarantining spotted lanternfly-infested.

And quarantined counties, affecting people’s quality of life and outdoor enjoyment. Trees, bushes, and even playground equipment can be coated with honeydew by spotted lanternflies.

Pennsylvania’s agriculture business is in jeopardy from the damage caused by the spotted lanternfly.

Hundreds of millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of employment might be generated for people in the grapes, apple, hops, and hardwood industries.

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It’s important to address all of the invasive plants and insects that pose a threat to our local ecosystems and economies. Lanternflies, on the other hand, are a major issue right now.

Regardless of how beautiful these bugs may be to some, if you see one, do the right thing and get rid of it. It’s time to slay this thing. You have an important role to play in the future of our agricultural sector.