Will You Shut Up Man T-Shirt Campaign

Several hundred people have worn a T-shirt depicting one of the most memorable moments from the first presidential debate.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden faced off in the first 2020 presidential debate, and the former Vice President’s response to the President’s near-constant interruptions with “Will you stop up Man?” was one of the most memorable moments.

Will You Shut Up Man T-Shirt Campaign

Everybody has said it at some point, whether it was to a droning uncle or a stranger at the grocery store who refused to understand: “Will You Shut Up Man ?”

When Joe Biden’s microphone was transmitted during the first presidential debate, millions of eyes were on him and thousands of rapid thumbs were tapping out thousands of tweets.

On T-shirts, of course, with a Michigan twist, the viral soundbite assembly line goes. The garment, which goes for as little as $22, includes the phrase –

“Will you shut up dude” across the chest, with an Upper Peninsula map serving as the “up” in the phrase.

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Why did the “Will You Shut Up Man” T-Shirt Campaign Take Place in the First Place?

The vice president said, “Will you stop up, guy,” when Trump repeatedly interrupted him during the Cleveland debate, which was hosted by Fox News’ Chris Wallace on Sept. 29.

The remark was made during the first portion of the Supreme Court coverage that aired later in the evening.

Biden had been questioned by Wallace whether he plans to “fill” the Supreme Court with his own appointees if he becomes president.

While Biden was speaking, Trump frequently interrupted him to ask if he had any intentions to “crowd the court,” which Biden refused to answer.

“Shut up, dude,” said the woman. Biden made the statement. ‘This is so unpresidential,’ she said.

It was difficult for Wallace to keep the debate on track and on schedule because of the president’s frequent interruptions.

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Biden finally came out and said it during the shitshow that was the first 2020 democratic presidential discussion between Trump and Biden.

This one-of-a-kind t-shirt lets you show your support for asking Donald Trump to keep his mouth shut while protecting your own.