Writing Tools That Are Essential For A Content Writer

Many times human efforts are not enough to make your piece of writing more appealing. In such a situation, AI-based writing tools come to your rescue. These tools help you build your story, shape out the details in a beautiful format, check for plagiarism, measure your work’s scope and results.

Instead of spending valuable time trying to force inspiration, you can take support from a writing tool to organize your documents or deal with eye strain and make your life easier.

In this way, you have to spend less time organizing and checking your writing material and more time creating and putting an idea into words.

Writing Tools for Writers

Essential Writing Tools For A Writer

Here is a list of some top-notch writing tools that will supercharge your writing efficiency and productivity.

1. PlagiarismChecker.co

This Online tool presents the best solution to check for plagiarism in any of your textual content. This plagiarism check tool detects plagiarism in research papers, blog posts, assignments or projects, website articles and provides the most accurate percentage.

Copy and paste your piece of writing in this plagiarism software and click the Check plagiarism button.


Features of this Online Plagiarism Detector:

  1. This plagiarism checker will go through a duplication check to ensure you get an in-depth similarity check with a deep search. Its algorithms to check for plagiarism dive deep into the internet world and generate a search against a massive collection of sources to fetch the most accurate and thorough plagiarism test results.
  2. It displays Keyword to total word ratio in percentage and helps you gain a good SEO ranking.
  3. It provides an insight into Keyword density statistics for 1-word, 2-word, 3-word keywords.
  4. It takes responsibility to correct your grammar and spelling mistakes.
  5. It provides you the total number of words and characters in your piece of writing.
  6. This plagiarism remover will run an analysis against billions of data available on the web, including books, magazines, academic papers, journals, articles, newspapers, to remove the plagiarism by offering the option of rephrasing.
  7. It can entertain Unlimited Text Length and offers the option of Downloadable Reports along with Strict Confidentiality
  8. It provides information about Syllables, sentences, unique words, average word length, average sentence length, paragraphs, difficult words, etc.

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2. The Emotion Thesaurus

This tool comes to your rescue Whenever you need to describe a character’s reaction or inner conflict. It supports you in expressing a sigh, a frown, or a stomach-churning. This tool is a treasure trove that helps you to find new ways to describe the same thing.

It pushes you to think harder and find new and trendy metaphors and imagery to explain how a character might react. This AI-based tool also references what other emotions can appear when a feeling increases and gives tips on how to describe any particular emotion.

3. Grammarly

It is an online writing assistant. Even if you are using its free version, you will find it a complete lifesaver. It will save you from some potentially embarrassing and simple mistakes, whether posting a comment, writing an article or essay or blog post, or sending an email or newsletter.


The free version of this tool will correct basic spelling, grammar, punctuation, and spacing mistakes. It will provide a performance score for readability, sentence length, and word length. It gives you information about other metrics such as reading and speaking time as well.

However, its premium version identifies more complex problems in your writing piece by looking at elements like word choice, punctuation, monotony, check for plagiarism, etc. The performance you choose depends on you, your needs, and your budget. In the end, I’d say Grammarly is a helpful tool. I have been using it for a long time. To know what it’s worth, check out my Rice Purity Test article.

4. Coschedule Headline Analyzer

This free online tool analyzes headlines into four categories of words. It provides information about the readability, keywords, headline length, headline type, and any of your headline’s sentiment.

  1. Common words
  2. Uncommon words
  3. emotional words
  4. power words

It will let you know when your titles are bland and when your labels are compelling enough. With this tool’s support, you will start getting a good sense of certain buzzwords and what impression they will leave on people. It offers you to download of a PDF with a list of buzzworthy words.

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5. Pacemaker Planner

This online writing tool allows you to set a word count goal according to your writing style. It helps you view your progress in a chart and gives you a great visual representation of how you’re doing. You can use this tool with ease whenever you want.

6. Duplichecker

This tool has an in-built feature to check for plagiarism by diving into the ocean of millions of web pages on the internet. Its deep scan feature will thoroughly check “the documents, websites, research papers, and articles to reveal the best results to highlight the matching content.


This tool also cares about your privacy and does its best to ensure that it immediately removes your content from its database.

After checking for plagiarism, there could be more on your to-do list, so it offers more features to facilitate you. Using this tool, you can also rewrite the duplicate content and check grammar.