5 Best Alternatives For Yahoo View

Hulu and Yahoo collaborated to build Yahoo View, a streaming service. This collaboration was created to deliver all of the free content from Hulu to Yahoo. As a result of this partnership, Hulu’s free services were shut down and all free content was migrated to Yahoo View.

5 Best Yahoo View Alternatives

Yahoo View, a free streaming service, became the new home of free ad-supported content after Hulu’s free service was shut down.

Viewers were able to access free clips, news and entertainment items, and even the entire episodes of some of the programmes. The following are five Yahoo View substitutes:


1. YouTube

Your search for entertaining video clips, fashion or lifestyle inspiration, or even breaking news can be found on YouTube. It’s not uncommon for media outlets to have their own dedicated channel for highlighting and summarising stories, just like Yahoo View does.

PeopleTV is a great source for breaking celebrity news, CNN and Fox News are great for breaking news videos, and New York Magazine has it all.

Cord-cutting news can also be found on the Cord Cutters News channel. On YouTube, you can find anything, from entertainment to lifestyle to news. Even if you don’t want to, you can start your own YouTube channel and post videos there.

This isn’t the only way news organisations are distributing content on YouTube. To a large extent, this function resembles Yahoo “Focused Content.”

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Use the televisions of your friends and family members to keep up with celebrity news. If you want to stay up with the newest news, CNN and FOX News are the two networks to tune in to.

2. Roku Channel

For Roku users, the Roku Channel offers a lot of free content. Full seasons of TV shows and movies from FilmRise are accessible on the channel, as well as weather updates from WeatherNation and news updates from Newsy and TMZ.

It’s possible to view movies and TV series on the Roku Channel. With a few exceptions, you’ll have to watch the video online in order to get the content here. Watch thousands of new movies, popular television shows and live news around the clock.

3. Pluto TV 

Pluto TV is a US-based internet television service. Furthermore, it’s a good replacement for Yahoo View, and it even shares certain features with Yahoo View itself.

You may also access thousands of on-demand movies and television programmes, as well as more than 250 free channels. Visitors can also access the site’s library of free streaming movies and TV shows.

If you’re looking for free TV shows, Pluto may hold the key. There are a wide variety of genres available for free streaming, including movies, sports, comedy, entertainment, and more.

More live and on-demand TV channels and full-length movies are available, as well as some of the content that was previously available through Yahoo View.

4. The Crunchyroll Video Sharing Website

Yahoo View has a thriving anime section. There are dedicated anime streaming services while paid streaming providers are expanding their anime offerings. Crunchyroll offers both free and paid material, including many of the Yahoo View titles, with the latter including full access to all of the site’s content.

Yahoo View has a devoted following among anime fans. If you want to watch anime, Crunchyroll is an excellent alternative to Yahoo View. Manga, periodicals, and any other form of anime amusement may all be found here.

Everything you need can be found on this webpage. It is possible to access a substantial collection of anime on the internet. High-quality films are also available on the site.

5. Tuberculosis (TBC)

Tubi is a free video-on-demand service with access to tens of thousands of movies and TV shows. You’ll find comedies, dramas, thrillers, and action flicks in the same categories you’d find on Yahoo View.

In addition to Netflix and Rotten Tomatoes Highly Rated, there are additional categories. Tubi has a section for anyone who will miss Yahoo View Anime, as well as a large variety of shows and movies.

A wide range of genres, including action, comedy, documentary, romance, and more, are all available, exactly like with the Yahoo View service. There are a lot of award-winning and nominated movies and shows to choose from on the website.

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Tubi is accessible for Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity X1, Xbox, Samsung smart TVs, Sony smart TVs, PlayStations, and the internet.


Yahoo View has a number of worthy competitors, and we think you’ll find them all appealing. These alternatives to Yahoo View should please you.