Brazen Review Not So Novel

Crime author Grace Miller, who stars in Netflix’s psychological thriller “Brazen,” says her works aren’t trash but informative at the beginning of the film.

‘They’re about women being exploited, mistreated, and oppressed,’ she says. Everything about this algorithm just works.

The movie he’s in has a lot lower aspirations. “Brazen” is a murder mystery parody of the Hallmark Christmas romance genre that is both predictable and patriotic.

Brazen Review Not So Novel

A grocery-store paperback by renowned author and director, Nora Roberts, is the inspiration for the film, which is based on various holiday-themed TV shows.

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What is the Story of Brazen?

Grace (Miranda Milano) is a best-selling crime writer who gets a call from her sister Kathleen (Emilie Ullerup) requesting her to come visit.

Her goal is to gain sole custody of her son by leaving her creepy husband, kicking her addiction to prescription meds, and retraining as a teacher.

In the meantime, Grace is busy flirting with Kathleen’s neighbour Ed, a hunky cop (Sam Page).

Grace, on the other hand, focuses her problem-solving abilities on her sister’s murder when Kathleen is slain and Ed unexpectedly heads the case.

So many of the film’s incomprehensible narrative contortions begin here. Ed, the victim’s next-door neighbour, is the only homicide cop on call.

To what end are the police willing to allow the victim’s (unqualified) sister to play such a prominent role?

What’s the big deal about the cop and the victim’s sister making googly eyes at each other all the time? It’s complete and utter hogwash.

Cheesy Romantic Thriller Brazen

This film, based on Nora Roberts’ novel Brazen, combines online kink with murder and mystery in a unique way.

Alyssa Milano, Sam Page, and Emilie Ullerup round out the impressive ensemble cast in this lengthy film (1 hour, 36 minutes).

Grace Miller (played by Milano) is a star author whose successful novels focus on women getting murdered, and we follow her as she investigates the death of her sister.

Very early on, despite the fact that she disagrees with her sister’s past life choices and hasn’t seen her for five years, she rushes to her sister’s help.

Just before she is slain, her sister’s double existence as a webcam performer is revealed. As a result of their webcam performances, more women who live similar lifestyles are being targeted and killed.

To track down the serial webcam killer, Grace goes undercover as a webcam girl with the help of her new love interest, a detective, who is also a new love interest for Grace.

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