Most Liked Rice Purity Test Questions Defined – Part 2

As it is already known, the rice purity test is a kind of test that helps one to build an attractive and fantastic personality. The freshers with the college take up this Rice Purity Test so that they can come to know about the kind of people they are surrounded by. However, it is not a necessary test. Moreover, some people take up this test in a fun-loving manner.

Rice Purity Test Questions

Here, we will discuss the Rice Purity Test questions which define part 2. Given below is the list of all the questions. The previous two parts of the rice purity test focused on different kinds of categories — further questions from 41 to 60 advanced, which focus on a different type. But you are going to enjoy this surely.

Question 11 – Had the Police Called on You?

Now, it is well known that if the police ever call you for any illegal activity, then it is not a good sign of your personality. It is very much evident that you would be called up by the police only when you violet any rule, or, commit something that is against the law. For example, if the police catch you because you get your speakers on at very high volume and that too at night, then this is something which is against the law as well as against the ethics. Therefore, you should try to avoid the situation. As you do so, you will see an up gradation in your personality.

Question 12 – Have You Seen A Dancer?

In this question, you can explain any experience. To illustrate, you have seen the stripper in action or ever got any lap dance. All this is basically fun.

Question 13 – Have You Been Convicted of A Felony?

Felony refers to committing a serious crime, such as murder or any other dangerous crime of that sort. Now, I don’t think I need to personally tell you that if you have been convicted of a felony, then this is signifying very much negativity of your personality. It is evident that a person who has been convicted of a felony is not the right person to be with. If you commit a crime, this means that you are a criminal. And people would not like to be a friend with a criminal.

Also, it is known that teenagers in high school do commit some mistakes as they indulge themselves in some activities. However, it is imperative for them to understand that they have to set boundaries for themselves to prevent themselves from committing any crimes or felonies.

Question 14 – Joined The Mile High Club?

Now this question is a bit personal. But as it is already mentioned, that rice purity test is just taken in a fun-loving manner. Further, it is not a very serious test. Moreover, people take this test for having some fun. Therefore, the mile high club refers to some physical activity done at a height.

Question 15 – Ever Been Suspended or Put on Disciplinary Probation?

Usually, if you ever faced any allegations regarding disciplinary probation or ever been suspended, then it is not a good sign, instead, it reflects a bad sign of your personality. Generally, student sometimes, by mistake, commit some unfair means because of which they are suspended from the school. Also, having a suspension letter is not considered to be good. Similarly, one should never indulge himself any action that creates a nuisance or hampers the discipline. Therefore, one should always try to avoid such kind of situations which hamper the decorum. Moreover, students should also not indulge themselves in playing any prank against anyone.

Question 16 – Have You Gone Skinny Dipping?

Skinny dipping refers to a situation where people take their clothes off and then go for skinny dipping in the creek. Therefore, this is just asked, generally. Moreover, for this, one has to be a trustworthy person. Furthermore, the person should also know the area inside out.

Question 17 – Have You Urinated in Public?

Here, urinating in public is not considered to be a good sign. Moreover, it does not come in good manners. Furthermore, urinating, in general, is considered to be an illegal activity in every state, every nation, and every country. Also, defendants are also charged when they commit this. Therefore, if you are ever caught while you do this, then it means that you have gone against the law. Further, it shows that you disrespect the law. Hence, one should never do this.

Question 18 – Have You Held Hands Romantically?

Now, holding hands romantically is very common and general. Also, you must have seen couples holding their hands with a feeling of love. Also, this is a lovely feeling, because you are with the person whom you love.

Question 19 – Run From The Police?

Now, I would say that running from the police is a very bad idea. You must be wondering why I am saying this. I have two main reasons for saying this. Firstly, if you haven’t done anything wrong, if you haven’t done anything which is against the law, then there is no need to escape from the police. It is because only those people flee from the police who are guilty.

If any time the police suspect you, then you should not run or try to escape because you know you are innocent secondly, why to run away from the police when you know the eventual result that the police will find you and will beat up even more. If you surrender to the police initially, then there is still the probability that the police will not say anything. However, if you try to be smart and try to escape, then it is for sure that the place is going to find you anyhow, and then beat you up even more.

Question 20  – Ever Been Handcuffed?

Have you ever been manacled by the police or cops? If no, then it is a brilliant thing. If you have ever been manacled, then it shows that somewhere, you in any illegal activities.

Question 21 – Faked Sobriety to Parents or Teachers?

Now, sobriety means the state of being sober. Further, it means being serious and being sensible. Here, if you are dry, then it is an attractive point of your personality. It is because a sober character attracts almost every person. Therefore one should always try to be dry.

However, if you try to instill fake sobriety, then this is a negative sign. Also, one can have alcohol, but not up to an extent which is beyond one’s control. Sometimes, you must have seen drunk people so much that they do not have any idea of their deeds and actions.

Therefore, one has to avoid the situation of getting drunk so much. As you do so, you will never have to fake your sobriety.