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Rice Purity Test Meaning – Check Your Rice Purity Test Score

Rice Purity Test is a kind of survey where there is the inclusion of various questions related to our lives. Further, the questions are related to crimes, education, society, and many other aspects. Moreover, it is a very long list, which includes a total of a hundred questions.

In other words, you may also call it a personality test. It is built to help in assessing the innocence of a person. Also, the range is between 0% and 100%. Moreover, 100% is the most, while 0% is the least pure.

However, it was being created only for fun. Besides, the Students who will take this test may find the rice purity test quite interesting because of its questions. Further, these questions help to determine the personality of a person.

Usually, the Rice Purity Test tests the purity of the personality in a fun-loving manner. Moreover, this test also helps one facilitate and increase the bonding with people, and it also helps to make them social.

Also, as it is already known, the more social a person is, the well-groomed his personality is. Therefore, this test adds the cherry on the cake, which means it helps groom the personality even better than before.

History of Rice Purity Test

So far, we’ve already discussed what Rice Purity Test is. However, just knowing what it means is not sufficient enough! Wondering why? That’s because the rice purity test has got a fascinating history with itself. Rice purity tests emerged to help the freshers socialize in the new and unknown environment.

Further, the rice purity test’s prime aim was to help the freshers get a great college life ahead by maintaining a good emotional bond with the seniors. Moreover, the test wanted to make the relationships cordial.

Also, we all know that an attractive personality adds a feather to the cap. Therefore, this is what the rice purity test does. And this is possible, as the rice purity test helps to curb or put a full stop to all the distracting traits one has.


Further, it also helps to limit the bad omens which push down the personality of a person. Meanwhile, the 0-week students voluntarily take this test to get a chance to interact with the mob.

Moreover, interacting with different and all kinds of people helps to enhance the personality. Basically, the history behind this test is that it was developed to groom the freshers and make them feel comfortable.

Therefore, this is all about the history of the rice purity test, which helps us know how it got its origin and why it emerged.

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Ways to Make the Score of Your Rice Purity Test Better

Now, as mentioned above, this is an extended test that constitutes of hundred questions. Besides, some of them are private, as well. Therefore, given below are nine everyday ways to improve your rice purity test, or you can say nine common questions that the users expect to get in the rice purity test.

Stay Away From Crime

As it is said, a criminal background attracts none, while an innocent personality attracts everyone. Crimes can be of many types. Be it violating the law or getting yourself engaged in a murder.

From indulging yourself in drugs to cheating, all these are considered to be a crime. Also, youngsters, these days make themselves a part of many crimes which make their personality dull. The more you stay away from crime, the brighter the character you groom for yourself.

Stay Away From Crime

However, this does not mean that one should not have any knowledge regarding the crimes. Though one must have an idea regarding the crimes that occur, it is also equally mandatory to stay away from these crimes and not commit the same.

The basic idea behind asking this question to the users is to check the kind of obedience a user has. Moreover, it also tests how much a person is loyal to all the rules and regulations and how it handles the sheriff. Furthermore, the options that one expects under this domain are:

  • Try to escape from the cops
  • Ever got suspended from school
  • I had an encounter with the police
  • Used cocaine, PCP, or any other kind of drug.
  • Ever manacled

Respect for Society

Usually, all of us have heard the phrase, “if you want to get respect, you need to give respect.” Respect is the most important criterion to build healthy relationships with people and be social with them. As long as you don’t know how to respect, you won’t be able to socialize with the people around you and your environment.

Respect for Society

And as we have read so far, to increase the rice purity test score, one needs to have a well-groomed personality. Therefore, respect for society is the primary criterion that influence this. When you build respect for society, you see a kind of sound change in your personality.

Furthermore, this change helps to provide a plus point to your personality. Moreover, respect results in high esteem, which brings positivity everywhere.

Therefore, as a result, respect for society helps give you a plus point to get a good score on the rice purity test. Hence, respect for society is one of the common questions you may get in the rice purity test.

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Education Comes First

Education makes a person independent. All of us know that education is the main and the most crucial thing in building personality. Education stimulates the growth of a person’s brain, which in turn helps to develop a distinct personality of the person.

Moreover, education helps a person to make an identity of his own in society. Furthermore, education builds a strong personality and a strong character of a person as it provides strength to a person to decide between what is wrong in what is right.

Education Comes First

Besides, it is only through education that a person can earn respect for himself. Also, an educated personality helps one to outshine in the crowd.

Meanwhile, education provides a proper shape and proper support to build a well and better personality. When your knowledge is enhanced, and you understand the practicalities, you definitely can create a mark of your personality in one’s mind.

After all, we have so many examples of educated personalities that create a positive mark in our hearts. One great example is Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The level of education that he had is strong enough to give us an idea of how strong his personality is.

Therefore, education should be the priority to score well in the rice purity test.

Stay Away From Distractions

Usually, no one gets attracted to a personality that gets distracted very fast. Also, a distracted personality is a personality that fails to concentrate on a single topic for a more extended period.

Therefore, as a result, people with distracting personalities are not preferred much. Besides, distractions are of many types. For instance, the distraction of phones, other distractions as well.

Therefore, the more you stay away from distractions, the more focused the personality you can develop for yourself. A distracted personality is always found tired and experiences fatigue all the time. Further, it causes mental slips and lapses.

Also, when someone possesses a lack of ability to pay attention, or when someone has the least interest in the subject matter that’s going on, we can make sure that the personality of a person is distracted.

Besides, getting distracted very frequently is a bad sign of personality. Hence, if you are keen to have a good score on the rice purity test, then staying away from distractions is one method you should opt for sure.

Improve Personality

Personality is a pattern or way of thinking, expressing, judging, viewing, or even feeling, for that matter. Moreover, all these points make every personality a unique personality.

Also, having a good personality is much more important, crucial, and valuable than having good looks. Also, you must have seen some people who are always feeling low even in the happiest of times.

Improve Personality

While on the other hand, there will be people who will be happy even in the lowest of their time. Also, both circumstances reflect the personalities of two different people.

Hence, as a result, you will always find that success, along with the happiness of a person, is majorly dependent upon the kind of personality that a person possesses. Therefore it is always said, if your personality is good enough, then you have covered almost half of your success.

Moreover, the way you interact with people also creates a mark on your personality. If you are rude to them, then it shows a negative mark on your personality.

Meanwhile, if you maintain cordial relationships with the people who are in your atmosphere, then your personality is referred to be as a pleasant one. F

urther, being patient is one of the most critical aspects that one should keep in mind while being concerned about improving personality.

Moreover, you can have a pleasant and bright personality by being patient, loyal, courageous, and honest. Therefore, by improving your personality, you can also score well on your purity test.


Now, one of the most crucial aspects of a personality is the kind of health you have. Also, you must have seen that a healthy person always has a smile, preferably a  bright smile on his face, which adds bloom to his personality. On the other hand, an unhealthy person always has a pale and flat face, whose personality doesn’t attract anyone.

As a result, health plays a significant role in improving your rice purity test score as it creates an impact on your personality. Moreover, if you eat healthily, then it shows on your face.

It is because healthy food creates a glow, which boosts the confidence of a person, which further results in building up a strong personality. However, an unhealthy person always feels low, due to which he cannot have a pleasing personality.


Now, health here refers to both physical health as well as mental health. Till now, we have talked about physical health. Next comes is mental health.

If a person is not mentally strong enough or suffers from anxiety or depression, that’s not a good sign of your personality. Therefore, as a result, health (both physical and mental) is an essential criterion for a good score in the rice purity test.


Maintaining good relations with the people of your environment shows that the person carries a good personality. To illustrate, a person who’s a relation with his parents, friends, or fellow beings is perfect enough; it shows or helps to determine that the personality of the person is bright, cheerful, and a positive one.

Therefore, as slowly and steadily one tries to maintain a healthy and cordial relationship with the people, adding a plus point to the personality.


While on the other hand, when there is a person who always has a bitter relationship with his fellow beings, friends, and family members, it helps one understand that the personality of the person is not a good one.

Therefore, it creates a negative vibe due to the ill personality of the person. Therefore, people need to maintain healthy relationships with all the people of their environment to groom their personalities and respect the rice purity test score.


Culture refers to traditions, morals, ethics, and values, as well. Meanwhile, cultured play a more significant and essential role in building your personality. Therefore, culture helps in influencing the manner you learn.

Thus, culture is one of the aspects which help to shape the personality of a person. Moreover, culture facilitates good thoughts and some ethical values in a person, thereby improving the personality.

Culture Rice Purity Test

A good culture pulls up the personality while a bad one pushes it down. Culture compels people to bind themselves by certain restrictions, which we know as values, ethics, and morals. However, a positive culture brings a positive change in a person’s personality, while a negative perception hampers nature or dampens it.

Moreover, culture instills a positive attitude in every person. Besides, we all know that a person with a healthful lifestyle adds positivity to their personality. Hence, by getting a good culture, one can quickly increase the rice purity test score.

Drugs Are Bad

Now, drugs cause severe damage to the brain. Also, taking drugs provides happiness for a short period but eventually causes a lot more damage in the long run. Besides, it affects the personality in various ways like laziness, fatigue, restlessness, high-risk behavior, frequent mood swings, low-stress tolerance, become abusive, impulsiveness.

Drugs Are Bad Rice Purity Test

Moreover, this disturbing behavior and negative personality changes can cause severe damages to an individual’s overall development.

Meanwhile, drugs create a negative impact on the academic life of people and hamper the relationship that they maintained with their near and dear ones. As they experience an adverse change in their personalities, they are segregated by everyone.

Further, it’s not new to us that drugs are illegal in every nation. If caught, then the person will be put behind bars for lifelong. A drug-addicted person has a very dull personality, which creates a negative mark on people.

Moreover, teenagers get firmly addicted to these without even knowing the kind of harm they are causing to themselves. The options now include:

  • Ever smoked marijuana
  • Are addicted to even more dangerous than this
  • I got Caught while smoking marijuana

The Official Rice Purity Test Score Guide

Now, as you submit your responses to the questions that were asked in the test, this is the time when you finally get the result. It is the time that users usually wait for a short time. The category of each score tells something about your personality, which is mentioned below.

Rice Purity Test Score: 100-98

Now, this is the score that is desirable by most of the participants. However, there is hardly anyone who falls into the category. Further, people who fall into the category are exceptionally criminal-minded and highly addicted.

Also, they can be called spoiled. Moreover, it can be said that the children who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth fall under this category. Hence it is said, few people are in this category.

Rice Purity Test Score: 97-94

Even though it is a small range, but this range depicts that the individuals are growing. Moreover, these types of individuals are the ones who never settle for anything less but can also reach up to the level of score 100.

Rice Purity Test Score: 93-77

Now, this category constitutes the majority of the population who conduct this rice purity test. This category covers the middle class and the high-class children. Moreover, the students can be referred to as artists in their respective fields.

Besides, they often make themselves indulge in better practices. Meanwhile, they also have brilliant control over themselves and, therefore, can lead a better life.

Rice Purity Test Score: 76-45

Now, this space This occupied by shy people and introverted people. Furthermore, the people who fall under the category are not so social enough. Also, they are not interested in making themselves fall into the mainstream. Hence, the social skills in these people are not so strong enough.

Rice Purity Test Score: Below 45

People who fall under the category are a bit serious. The participant is suffering from any mental anxiety, stress, or disorder. Therefore, it is highly recommended to get some assistance to help the participants get out of this circumstance.

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Therefore, on that note, we can say that the Rice Purity Test is conducted by the participants voluntarily. Also, with the help of this test, the participants get a chance to lead a better life and make themselves even more social.

Moreover, the categorization of each score is done based on strict research and surveys. Therefore, after conducting the size purity test, all the participants get entirely an idea of the kind of personality they carry with them.

And as a result, it allows its users to improve their personalities. This site not only provides the test score of one’s personality but also helps want to convert its dull character into a cheerful one. So, what are you waiting for? Go for a Rice Purity Test right now, and test the score of your personality and groom it accordingly.