Hunter Biden, Matt Gaetz and Nonstop Depravity

Years of strippers, leaking photos, crack pipes, family love triangles, an incriminating laptop, a loose gun, and moral dilemmas have surrounded Joe Biden’s second son.

When the ebook was first announced two months ago, it appeared to be yet another risky move by Hunter, one that would likely overshadow the presidential honeymoon of his father.

Hunter Biden, Matt Gaetz and Nonstop Depravity

It’s not, however. An American family that has experienced both the highs and the lows of life is the subject of this novel, which is both heartbreaking and beautifully written.

In this case, even a well-known politician’s rich son, who travelled into inner cities to buy crack in his Porsche and had plenty of Burisma “humorous cash,” as he called it, to rehab-hop.

Proved that medicine can bring anyone down. Even after a home intervention, his father couldn’t defeat “crack’s gloomy energy” by pursuing him down the driveway.

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What Did The Biden Wrote

The Biden’s Contribution “‘I don’t want to make light of anybody’s substance misuse concerns…,'” Biden says in his book. Gaetz said this while smirking for the cameras and making fun of my past drug use.

Then Gaetz went on to judge my personal life, saying, ‘Again, I’m not… putting any judgement on whatever hardships somebody goes through.’

I and my father were Trump’s ticket to destroying any candidate of virtue from either party, he thought, and by doing so, diverting attention away from his own dishonest behaviour.

Hunter has yet to show up. In the meantime, I’m here. I’ve been through worse, and I’m here to tell you that I did.

I have no intention of leaving. Cartoonish attacks have tried to portray me as an object of historical interest, but I’m not a curio or circus.

I’m not Billy Carter or Roger Clinton, thank you very much. “I am not Donald Trump Jr. or Eric Trump.”

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Hunter Biden appeared recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live as a guest. In order to promote his biography Beautiful Things, Biden was in attendance.

At his best, Kimmel conveyed his surprise that Biden was still alive to relate the story of his drink and drug abuse.

The filthy depths of his addiction to crack cocaine, and the awful attempts at rehab and counselling that he had undergone – and how he had managed to survive it all.