Cassie Randolph Says She Experienced ‘Déjà Vu’ Watching Clayton Echard’s ‘Bachelor’ Finale

On Monday’s episode of Clayton, the leading guy revealed to the two remaining contestants, Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey.

That Susie Evans dropped out of the game after he confessed to having an affair with both of them.

Susie, who is 28, told Clayton, who is also 28, that she probably couldn’t “get past” his decision, so he took her words as if she had dropped a “bombshell” on him.

Even after Susie was gone from the competition, Clayton still desired to make things work with her instead of Rachel, 26, and Gabby, 31.

Cassie Randolph Says She Experienced 'Déjà Vu' Watching Clayton Echard's 'Bachelor' Finale

According to Cassie, 26, “I definitely was getting déjà vu watching this for sure” during the live portion of Monday’s finale.

“Additionally, I am aware that every circumstance is unique. The fact that Susie departed at all suggests that she followed her gut instincts despite the difficulty of the situation.”

What Caption Did to Cassie Was Horrible

Cassie’s privacy was violated by Colton, and the subsequent feelings of insecurity and helplessness were difficult to bear, even for a short time.

It’s remarkable that Cassie would agree to appear on the franchise that put her in such a vulnerable position with Colton, especially given the potential for serious psychological ramifications.

However, after a long absence from Bachelor Nation, Cassie may have been eager to capitalise on the series’s many promotional chances.

And her appearance on the show last night may have been staged as part of a larger strategy to increase her fan base.

We can only hope that Cassie’s brief appearance on Clayton’s finale helped her accomplish whatever it was she wanted out of her Bachelor Nation experience, because it was genuinely dreadful.

There’s nothing wrong with Cassie using her appearance on The Bachelor’s season finale to boost her profile.

It was the best the series could do after casting a mentally unstable man as the protagonist who was still in the closet.


As if part one of Clayton Echard’s Bachelor finale wasn’t dramatic enough, why not throw in a little resurfaced Bachelor drama?

Cassie Randolph, the former girlfriend of Colton Underwood and the winner of The Bachelor.

Sat in on the live studio audience discussion with presenter Jesse Palmer and the other alums to discuss the show and throw some subtle shade at her ex-boyfriend.