Chicago Fire Finale Recap: Wedded Bliss and Danger — Plus, Grade It!

On Chicago Fire’s Season 10 finale, you can hear wedding bells finally ringing. Although Severide and Stella were married without incident, their honeymoon may not be that trouble-free.

Starting from the beginning: A grand jury summons Severide to testify against Campbell. The firefighter notices one of Campbell’s men carrying a knife as he arrives to give his evidence.

Chicago Fire Finale Recap: Wedded Bliss and Danger — Plus, Grade It!

During their altercation, Severide kicks him, sending him to his death through a window. Although everyone convinces Severide that the killing was in self-defense.

Severide is visibly distressed by having killed a man. The police inform Severide that Campbell, who assaulted a firefighter in front of witnesses, has now fled the Windy City. That’s good, so what? Wait a minute.

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The Wedding of Stellaride

Unfavorable news: Severide’s mother might not survive. But he reminds his bride that “this wedding is for us, not her.”

The (very) good news is that Kidd finds them a wedding location quickly, and they don’t even need to put down a deposit because the couple whose ceremony was postponed and freed up the day did.

Firehouse 51 divides the tasks and performs what Firehouse 51 does best to pull off this last-minute wedding.

What’s best? Emma is told by Gallo (Alberto Rosende) not to worry about helping since she won’t be present. Don’t mistreat a member of Team 51.

In addition to hosting a hilarious bachelorette party in her office with questions like “What is the bride’s favourite position… in the CFD?” Kidd has Brett as her maid of honour.

Brettsey’s Future

Early on, Brett tells Violet that Casey is content in Portland and has discovered a new sense of fulfilment in fatherhood and combating wildfires.

The paramedic, though, adds that she is content to be back at age 51. They don’t talk about the issue until they’re dancing at the wedding reception.

The fact that “you’ve established a great life for yourself in Oregon, Matt, but it’s your life, not mine,” Brett says, despite the fact that he wishes she could have stayed with him forever “My 51 family, my job, and my life are all here.

With so much time between us, how long can we continue like this? Casey says, “But we’re together tonight, I don’t know.” It sounds like Brettsey is splitting up, oh no.

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The Season 10 finale of Chicago Fire featured plenty of action, drama, and even a wedding. Let’s get right to the action and discuss the episode’s most significant scenes. Our brains are still dizzy.