Dog Owner’s Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever Have “Accidental” Puppy Together

Because of their amiable nature and calm disposition, golden retrievers are a popular breed of dog.

On the other hand, huskies are active and athletic dogs that are well-known for their ability to endure cold climates and cover great distances.

However, what about a cross between two of the most popular breeds? Well, one user of the app has uploaded a video of her gorgeous mixed-breed puppy.

Dog Owner’s Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever Have “Accidental" Puppy Together

“Whoopsie” Baby, But Make it a Puppy

Cori Baker’s charming Tikok video, created for a very special and intriguing cause, has just gone viral with over 18 million views.

Baker, who owns a Golden Retriever and a Siberian husky, posted a Tik Tok in which she revealed that her dogs had gotten up to more mischief than usual while she was at work.

At the beginning of the film, she directs the camera at her two dogs, a husky and a golden retriever, who are both smiling up at her.

The cuteness of these two canines alone would have made the video popular, but it was their antics together that made them Internet sensations.

Surprised with a New and Wonderful Breed

There is a high demand for both purebred Golden retrievers and Siberian Huskies. These breeds are common pets in many countries.

What you get when you cross these two breeds, though, is something quite unexpected. The dog owner’s video response to this inquiry was posted on TikTok.

The answer is a Goberian, one of the loveliest animals imaginable thanks to its adorable mix of brown, white, and black fur.


Since its upload on July 3 by a user named Cori Baker, the video has exploded in popularity on the app, amassing over 18.6 million views.

Two dogs, a golden retriever and a husky, wag their tails and look up at the camera at the beginning of the video, which may be viewed here.

The small fluffy animal’s fur and colour are similar to that of huskies, but its ears and eyes are more like those of a retriever.