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How Many Seasons of Kamisama Kiss

Fans have been waiting for a third season since March 30, 2015, more than six years after the series’ finale aired. Fans praised the anime for its melancholy undertones in addition to its flowing amorous scenes.

Furthermore, an OVA series of the anime was broadcast in 2016. As a result, there is still reason to believe that Kamisama Kiss will return for a third season.

New Episodes of Kamisama Kiss Season 3

Unique characters in the 2012 supernatural rom-com anime gained a wide audience. Moreover, the tale portrayed varying shades of romantic happiness and heartbreak. First, readers are diving into the manga to find out what happens in season 2.

How Many Seasons of Kamisama Kiss

However, there are many who have yet to see Kamisama Kiss Season 3. Season 2 concluded on March 30, 2015.

Between August 20th, 2015 and August 19th, 2016, the franchise also released four episodes of original video animations. After then, there was silence from the production company regarding when we might expect Season 3.

In any case, we can hold out hope for a third season. Season 3 of Kamisa Kiss could work if the anime has a lot of ground to cover.

Furthermore, the anime has a very different plot than the manga. As a result, the anime itself will be a hit with fans. It’s the studio that will decide the anime’s fate, regardless of the evidence. So, now we just have to hold tight till we hear something official about Season 3.

What Chapter of the Manga Does Season 3 of Kamisama Kiss Begin On?

Fans often resort to reading the manga when the anime series they follow abruptly ends before the end of the plot arc in the source material. While many anime continue the tale begun in the book, Kamisama Kiss unfortunately did not.

Furthermore, the anime does not include certain significant characters from the source manga. So, it’s best to start reading the manga at the beginning.

The recommended starting point for people who wish to read the manga after season 3 is chapter 65. Plus, it’s possible that the events of Chapter 65 will carry over into Season 3 of Kamisama. Viz Media and the Kamisama Kiss manga website both carry the manga.

Kamisama Kiss: Where Can I Stream It?

It was a hit during its original broadcast, thus the anime has been licenced for streaming by several SVOD services. As a result, the anime is now available on major streaming services including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Videos.

As an added bonus, the dubbed English versions of the episodes can also be found on these sites. One can watch all of the past episodes of Kamisama Kiss on various services while waiting for Season 3.

Information Devoted to the Kamisama Kiss

In Kamisama Kiss, you’ll find a romantic comedy with a supernatural twist. The original manga was authored by Julietta Suzuki, while Hakusensha drew the illustrations.

Also, with 25 volumes, the manga series concluded on May 20th, 2016. There were two seasons of the anime and some additional video content. Beginning in 2012 with OVAs, the animation ran until August 19, 2016, when it concluded. There has been no word from the production about Season 3 of Kamisama Kiss.