How Old Was Zac Efron in High School Musical as Actor Revisited East High?

On July 22, the actor posted a picture to Instagram from his visit to the school, which quickly went viral.

Zac became famous after starring in a Disney Channel film. Zac looked so happy during his visit, we’d love to see more High School Musical material from him.

How Old Was Zac Efron in High School Musical as Actor Revisited East High?

Who is High School Musical’s Zac Efron?

A native of the United States, Zachary David Alexander Efron (/frn/; born October 18, 1987) is an actor with a wide range.

He made his acting debut in the early 2000s, but his breakout performance as Troy Bolton in the High School Musical films brought him widespread fame in the late 00s (2006–2008).

He also had roles in the musical Hairspray (2007) and the comedy 17 Again (2009) during this time (2009).

How Old Was Zac Efron in the High School Musical?

Zac played Troy Bolton in High School Musical when he was just 18 years old. Zac has already done some TV work and commercials before being cast in this film.

But the part of the lead actor in the Disney Channel movie was his big break. His followers saw him as the cool kid in High School who was poised to erase the social divide.

Its premise attracted a lot of people quickly, and that helped pave the path for more sequels.

Zac Efron Early Life

Originally from the city of San Luis Obispo, Efron now resides in the nearby city of Arroyo Grande.

His father, an electrical engineer, and his mother, an administrative assistant, both work at the Diablo Canyon Power Plant where he was born.

Efron grew up in a middle-class home with his younger brother Dylan and his younger paternal half-sister Olivia. His last name has Hebrew roots.

Although Efron was reared an atheist and did not participate in any religious activities, he has identified as Jewishbecause his paternal grandpa is Jewish.


After making guest appearances on shows like “ER” and “CSI: Miami” in the early 2000s, Zac Efron broke out with a recurring role as Cameron in the sitcom “Summerland” and hasn’t looked back since.

Some of Efron’s early roles were well received, but his breakthrough role had yet to come. After filming on “Summerland” finished in 2005.

Zac Efron landed the role of Troy Bolton in the Disney Channel film “High School Musical,” which rocketed him to popularity and permanently altered the trajectory of his career.