How To Make An End Portal In Minecraft

A functional End Portal is required to enter The End and engage in combat with the Ender Dragon. How to locate and construct an End Portal in Minecraft is detailed below.

The Minecraft End Portal Guide.

The End Portal can be constructed in the Creative Mode. The pieces of the frame cannot be crafted, but they can be found by searching your inventory.

How To Make An End Portal

  1. To do this, bring up the inventory panel and load the hotbar with 12 Eyes of Ender and 12 End Portal Frames.
  2. Set the frame for the final portal. Each side must have three blocks, as shown in the diagram.

The green markings should point in towards the middle of the board. Place your body in the centre of the entrance and work outward from there.

  1. Place the Eyes of Ender in each frame block from outside the frame. When the final piece is in place, the portal will open.

How Do You Locate an End Portal and Open It in Minecraft?

You will need to activate an End Portal once you have located or created one. Here’s the deal with both:

  1. Gain possession of 12 Ender Pearls. Fight off Endermen or trade with them for Gold Ingots in the Nether. Village Clerics may accept Ender Pearls in exchange for Emeralds.
  2. Convert 6 Blaze Rods into 12 Blaze Powders. Two Blaze Powders can be prepared simultaneously. Beating Blazes in the Nether will reward you with Blaze Rods.
  3. Construct a work surface for crafting by nailing together four wooden planks and leaving it open on the floor.
  4. Create a minimum of 12 Ender’s Eyes. Place Blaze Powder in the first box of the middle row and an Ender Pearl in the centre of the grid to create an Eye of Ender.
  5. Throw an Eye of Ender at them. The Eye of Ender will soar through the air and eventually crash back to Earth. Check the sky to see where it lands, make a futile attempt to grab it, and throw it again. To find a safe haven, you need to keep throwing until you notice it continues coming back to the same area.

The platform determines the Eye of Ender’s trajectory.

  • Upon a Computer, Always Right-Click
  • To use this phrase on your mobile device, tap and hold.
  • Atari: Select LT
  • Atari: Select L2
  1. If the Eye keeps landing in the same place, it’s time to start digging for the fortress.
  2. Try to locate the exit portal. Find the room that has a stairwell, molten floor, and a monster spawner.
  3. The End Portal can be activated by placing the Eyes of Ender in the corresponding frame blocks. There may already be Eyes installed in the portal’s frame.
  4. To face the Ender Dragon, travel through the End portal and arrive at The End.