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How To Make Electricity in Little Alchemy 2

Discover a wealth of new combinations and forge an array of resources and components in Little Alchemy 2. Electricity is unlocked considerably later and can be obtained in a variety of ways. It’s not a simple task, though. This is the Little Alchemy 2 guide on generating electricity.

Little Alchemy 2: The Art of Electricity Production.

How To Make Electricity in Little Alchemy 2

Two ingredients make up the simplest energy recipe in Little Alchemy 2:

  • Metal
  • Lightning

on order to create electricity, you must mix different elements by dragging and dropping them on top of each other on the game’s main interface. That electricity can be produced when lightning strikes a metal conductor is the fundamental basis underlying this combination.

Lightning is the source of electricity in Little Alchemy 2, and metal is the medium through which it flows. When these two substances interact, electricity is born. However, there are a plethora of alternate methods of generating power. Additional permutations are:

  • Wind Turbine + Storm
  • Lightning + Steel
  • Solar Cell + Light
  • Wind Turbine + Wind
  • Storm + Science
  • Solar Cell + Sun
  • Wind Turbine + Motion
  • Solar Cell + Star
  • Wind Turbine + Sandstorm

How to Create Lightning with a Little Alchemy 2

Making electricity in Little Alchemy 2 is a complicated procedure. Although it appears simple to combine lightning and metal, getting there is actually somewhat involved. Detailed instructions on how to generate power are provided below.

  • Combining Earth with itself yields Land.
  • A Continent is the result of the union of two or more continents.
  • There is no Planet without a Continent
  • If you combine two drops of water, you get a puddle. When you combine two puddles, you get a pond. If you take two ponds and put them together, you get a lake.
  • The Atmosphere is the result of combining the Planet with Air.
  • Clouds are formed when air and water are combined.
  • The Energy of Two Flames
  • Lightning is created when a cloud and Energy are together.
  • Lava is the result of the fusion of fire and earth.
  • A rock can be formed from a mixture of lava and air.
  • Metal will be created from a fusion of fire and stone.
  • Electricity is produced when metal and lightning combine.

In Little Alchemy 2, What can You Create Using Electricity?

In Little Alchemy 2, electricity has multiple purposes:

  • Wire (Electricity + Metal)
  • Light (Electricity + Light bulb)
  • Aurora, Storm, Ozone (Electricity + Atmosphere)
  • Computer (Electricity + Hacker)
  • Clock (Electricity + Time)
  • Chainsaw (Electricity + Axe)
  • Explosion (Electricity + Gunpowder)
  • Glass (Electricity + Sand)
  • Sewing Machine (Electricity + Needle)
  • Wind Turbine (Electricity + Wind)
  • Email (Electricity + Letter)
  • Lightning (Electricity + Storm)
  • Storm (Electricity + Cloud)
  • Battery (Electricity + Mineral)
  • Ozone (Electricity + Oxygen)
  • Electrician (Electricity + Human)
  • Lawnmower (Electricity + Scythe)
  • Stun Gun (Electricity + Gun)
  • Vacuum Cleaner (Electricity + Broom)
  • Solar Cell (Electricity + Sun)
  • Light Sword (Electricity + Sword)
  • Blender (Electricity + Blade)
  • Electrical Eel (Electricity + Fish)
  • Fridge (Electricity + Cold)
  • Life (Electricity + Sea)