How To Make Paper in Little Alchemy

Greetings, and thank you for visiting our Little Alchemy paper-making instruction! Here, we’ll show you how to make paper from scratch in-game with nothing but the tools at your disposal.

This guide will help players of all skill levels learn about the many methods for creating paper in Little Alchemy. Now, grab your gadget of choice and we’ll get going!

How To Make Paper in Little Alchemy

How To Make Paper in Little Alchemy

  1. In Little Alchemy, you need to combine “water” and “wood” to create paper.
  2. To get started, drop the “water” component into the board.
  3. The “water” element must then be covered with the “wood” element, which must be dragged onto the board.
  4. These two ingredients will become the “paper” ingredient.

Alternatively, “air” and “fire” can be combined to create paper. Drag the “air” element onto the board, and then the “fire” element on top of the “air” element, to do this.

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The Complete Alchemical Recipe for Making Paper

The whole list of Little Alchemy’s paper-making permutations is as follows:

  • Water + Wood
  • Air + Fire
  • Rain + Tree
  • Water + Lumber
  • Water + Log
  • Rain + Forest
  • Water + Plant
  • Air + Burned Tree
  • Rain + Burned Forest
  • Water + Burned Lumber
  • Water + Burned Log

The elements can be rearranged in whatever order you choose by just dragging and dropping them.

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Things you can make from Paper in Little Alchemy

In Little Alchemy, you may use paper to create the following items:

  • Book: Combine paper with a pencil or pen
  • Plane: Combine paper with a bird
  • Origami: Combine paper with a human
  • Money: Combine paper with a coin
  • Card: Combine paper with a picture
  • Scroll: Combine paper with a roll
  • Paper mache: Combine paper with glue
  • Paper boat: Combine paper with a boat
  • Paper lantern: Combine paper with a light
  • Paper clip: Combine paper with a metal
  • Notebook: Combine paper with a notebook cover
  • Newspaper: Combine paper with a printing press
  • Paper bag: Combine paper with a bag
  • Tissue: Combine paper with a tissue box
  • Map: Combine paper with a compass

Just a few of the many things you may create in Little Alchemy using paper. There may be a great increase in the number of things that can be made from paper in the future as a result of new element combinations and updates.