Is Don Lemon Married? Relationship Status, Ex-Affair, and Much More

Don Lemon, one of CNN’s most recognizable faces, is renowned for his direct and fearless approach to journalism. But many are curious about the man behind the news desk. Is Don Lemon Married?

This article explores his current marriage status, past relationships, a brief biography, height, body metrics, and net worth.

Is Don Lemon Married?

Is Don Lemon Married? Current Marriage Status

Yes, Don Lemon is married to Tim Malone, a real estate agent. The couple got engaged in April 2019 and has been public about their relationship, often sharing glimpses of their life together on social media.

Past Affairs and Relationships

Don Lemon has kept most of his past relationships private. His engagement to Tim Malone has been his most public romantic relationship, symbolizing a growing comfort with sharing this aspect of his personal life.

A Brief Biography

Born on March 1, 1966, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Don Lemon has risen to prominence as one of CNN’s leading anchors. He started his career at local stations before joining CNN in 2006. His bold approach to reporting and commentary has earned him both accolades and controversies.

Height and Body Metrics

Don Lemon stands at 6 feet (183 cm) tall. He maintains a healthy lifestyle, often sharing his fitness routines and dietary choices. His physical appearance reflects his commitment to staying fit and active.

Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $12 million, Don Lemon’s success in the world of journalism is undeniable. His salary, book deals, and public speaking engagements contribute to his financial standing.

Advocacy and Social Stances

Lemon is known for his outspokenness on social issues, particularly those affecting the African American community and the LGBTQ+ community. His advocacy extends beyond the newsroom, as he is an active voice in various social causes.

Career Highlights and Awards

Throughout his career, Don Lemon has received numerous awards, including an Emmy for a special report on the real estate market in Chicago. His ability to tackle complex issues and engage with viewers has made him one of the respected figures in journalism.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

Outside of his professional life, Lemon enjoys spending time with his family, including his nieces, traveling, and indulging in culinary adventures. His interests reflect a well-rounded personality beyond his journalistic pursuits.

Key Takeaways

Don Lemon is married to Tim Malone.

He stands at 6 feet tall, with an estimated net worth of $12 million.

Lemon’s career, social stances, and personal interests paint a complete picture of a man dedicated to his craft and his community.

Don Lemon’s story is not just that of a successful journalist but a testament to dedication, authenticity, and humanity. His marriage, career achievements, advocacy, and personal interests make him one of the most intriguing and influential personalities in contemporary media.

Early Education and Career Start

Don Lemon attended Louisiana State University and later Brooklyn College, where he studied broadcast journalism.

He began his career at WNYW in New York City as a news assistant. His early roles at various local stations shaped his journalistic style and laid the groundwork for his career at CNN.

Influential Interviews and Reporting Style

Don Lemon has been at the forefront of some of the most critical news stories and has conducted interviews with significant political and cultural figures. His interviewing style is characterized by direct questioning and the ability to create engaging conversations.

He’s covered events such as Hurricane Katrina, the Ferguson protests, and the Pulse Nightclub shooting, showcasing his capacity to handle sensitive and complex issues.


In addition to his journalism, Lemon has also authored a book titled “Transparent,” where he openly discusses his life, including his sexuality, career challenges, and perspectives on various social topics. His book offers readers an inside look into the man behind the news.

Philanthropy and Community Involvement

Don Lemon’s influence extends to his philanthropic work. He actively supports organizations related to HIV/AIDS awareness, children’s health, and LGBTQ+ rights.

His community involvement further emphasizes his commitment to making a positive impact beyond his journalistic responsibilities.

Public Appearances and Speeches

Lemon’s expertise and fame have led to numerous public speaking engagements at universities, conferences, and panel discussions.

These appearances allow him to connect with audiences on a more personal level, sharing his insights and experiences in journalism and life.

Personal Style and Influence

Don Lemon’s personal style extends to his wardrobe and public appearance. He has been noted for his sleek and professional attire, reflecting his personality and the serious nature of his work. His fashion choices have made him a style icon in the world of journalism.


Is Don Lemon Married? Yes, he is happily engaged to Tim Malone, but there is so much more to Don Lemon than his marital status.

From his remarkable career to his social advocacy, height, body metrics, and net worth, Lemon’s life is a blend of professional excellence and personal fulfillment.