Is Joel Embiid Playing in The Olympics

Joel Embiid, a standout centre for the Philadelphia 76ers, must make a decision about competing in the 2024 Olympics. He must choose between competing for France or the United States at the Olympics because he holds dual citizenship with both countries.

Is Joel Embiid Playing in The Olympics

With Embiid, Rudy Gobert, and Victor Wembanyama, France would have a formidable trio. They, together with the United States, would have to be considered favourites to win the games, yet if he were to join the Americans, they would be nearly impossible to defeat regardless.

Is Joel Embiid Playing in The Olympics

Embiid, however, is not concerned with that just yet. He is concerned that the Sixers’ current record of 12-12 makes it difficult for them to win the NBA championship in 2022-2023.

Mbiid Talked to Marc Stein And Told Him:

I don’t want to talk about international issues,” Embiid stated.

When we first walked in, I had the impression that he wouldn’t want to talk about whatever direction you lean. Still, there was one question I had to ask afterward: Why is that taboo?

Embiid said why: “because it’s the NBA season.” The success of the team and my own performance as an individual are my primary concerns at the moment. My goal is to make the postseason and contribute there. I’ll deal with the rest when it comes up.

It’s all about trying to do everything it takes to win a championship right now,” Embiid said.

Embiid is thinking properly about this situation. The opportunity to represent his country in the Olympics is unquestionably remarkable, and he will want to make a decision as quickly as possible; nevertheless, right now, he must concentrate on helping the Sixers advance and find their footing.


On Friday, the Los Angeles Lakers will travel to Philadelphia to take on the 76ers at the Wells Fargo Center. The Lakers have dropped two of three games on their current road trip.

The 76ers find themselves in a comparable predicament. They’ve dropped three straight and want to get off to a good start at home for a stretch of seven contests. The Sixers hope to ride Joel Embiid to victory now that he is healthy and ready to go.

The Lakers, who have their own star big man in Anthony Davis, believe they can contain Embiid despite his 31.9 point average and 51.4% field goal percentage.

In a nutshell, “we got Anthony Davis,” Lakers guard Lonnie Walker IV said. That’s all; that’s all I fret over. Regarding him, I have little concern. He’s a great all-around player and scorer. So, you are aware of his activities. He is a formidable opponent, but we have some of the best players in the league on our side. I’m concerned about myself and my team because we’re trying to beat him and we know his game plan.