is Leticia Bufoni in the Olympics

Leticia Bufoni, a Brazilian skater, has been skating competitively since she was 10 years old. She hopes to establish a name for herself at the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021.

A native of Sao Paulo, Bufoni watched her peers skate and eventually convinced them to lend her a board. After then she stopped thinking about it.

is Leticia Bufoni in the Olympics

No, it’s not like things were a breeze at the beginning. Instead, she practised alone because her friends lost interest in the sport. Then, in an effort to prevent her from skating, her father cut her first board in half using a power saw.

Leticia Bufoni Career

According to Bufoni, “my dad didn’t like skateboarding at all when I started,” since “he thought it was exclusively for boys and not girls.”

Eventually, he came around and took his then-14-year-old daughter to the X Games in 2007. Bufoni claims that the skateboarding culture captivated his attention once the man came to his first contest.

Having finally won over her father, Bufoni, whose fame has spread beyond the skating community thanks to her achievements in the sport, decided to make certain changes to make skateboarding more inclusive of women.

“Skating?’ people would ask me incredulously. Girls shouldn’t do that “According to Bufoni’s recollection. This rapid improvement in women’s performance is unprecedented.

Leticia Bufoni Won Five X Games Golds

In 2005, female skaters protested unfair pay and prize money by not competing in the X Games, one of the most prominent competitions in the sport.

As a result of Bufoni’s efforts, female skaters and fans in Brazil—her native country—have shown an unprecedented interest in the sport since 2008.

For her part, Bufoni has been a frontrunner. She has won five X Games golds, six X Games medals in total, the 2015 World Championship, and three World Championship silver medals. In addition, she made history by becoming the first woman to sign with Nike Skateboarding.

Bufoni came into the Olympic debut of figure skating in Tokyo 2020 as a heavy favourite to win a medal. Unfortunately, the Brazilian’s life did not go as smoothly as he had hoped.

Last Words

Bufoni was in the running for a berth in the Olympic final until American Alexis Sablone used a series of outstanding best trick routines in the final moments of the competition to narrowly deny Bufoni that spot.