Isabella Guzman Where is She Now

The Colorado native Isabella Guzman. After she stabbed her mother 150 times in 2013, she was convicted and sentenced to prison.

When this happened, she was only 18 years old. Recently, her video on TikTok attracted a lot of attention after going viral.

Some even thought she was innocent and deserved to be set free. Many people admired her “beautiful face” and “cute figure.”

Isabella Guzman Where is She Now

A knife stabbed Isabella’s mother, but why?

According to reports, Isabella made headlines when she allegedly stabbed her mother 79 times. Despite this, additional examination revealed that the victim had over 151 wounds all over her body.

When compared to other kids her age, Isabella had several unusual characteristics, according to the investigators. Never did she laugh or show any interest in her family or friends.

She was found to have had deep-seated animosity and resentment toward her own mother. Due to financial constraints, Isabella’s family was unable to provide her with many of the toys and games she craved as a child.

There would be fighting at home as a result of this. Isabella’s parents, though, were hopeful that she would have a better appreciation for their monetary predicament as she got older.

After her father abandoned the family, Isabella moved in with her mom. When her mother started dating Richard, everything went downhill quickly.

With Isabella seeing her father’s replacement, the family’s already tense dynamics worsened. Isabella threatened her mother and that she would “make her pay” for the “how she had been abused.”

Her mother and boyfriend had gone to the police because they were afraid Isabella would carry out her threats.

Her father tried to talk sense into Isabella after they had an altercation one night. The next day, Richard heard Isabella’s mother screaming from the upstairs bathroom. He hurried over to assist her, but it had been locked from the inside. He just stood there and listened to Isabella repeatedly stab his partner.

Reports stated that Isabella stabbed her mother multiple times in the face, neck, and body. Isabella fled the scene of the crime but was quickly apprehended by undercover police.

Can We Assume That Isabella Had Schizophrenia?

Isabella told the police who were looking into the case that she heard voices inside her head. Schizophrenia frequently exhibits this as a significant symptom. She claimed the voices instructed her to take her mother’s life so that the world may be saved.

A physician testified in court that she suffered from schizophrenia. According to her doctor, she had to battle with severe Schizophrenic ideas for a long time. She was declared not guilty due to insanity based on the evidence presented at trial. She was admitted to the Pueblo Mental Health Institute at the ripe old age of 18.

Should Isabella be set free at this time?

It’s been nearly seven years since Isabella was admitted to the Mental Health Facility, but she’s been eager to get out ever since 2020. Isabella told CBS4 in a video interview that she “was not myself when I did that, and I have now been returned to full health.”

Both her background and her family were discussed in the interview. “I was abused by my family for many years,” she stated. When I left the religion at the age of 14, my parents’ abuse just got worse since they were Jehovah’s Witnesses.

She reflected on the events that followed, saying, “If I could change it or if I could take it back, I would.” According to Isabella, she was not herself during the time, but now that it has passed, her health is completely back to normal.

Is there a special reason that Isabella’s video has suddenly gone viral?

Instagram has become a platform where trendy tunes are paired with clips of young alleged criminals and murders. In it, Isabella is shown walking into the courtroom, seating down, and giving the camera a smile before frowning.

That video has been seen by millions of people after it went viral. This is not, however, the first time that videos of suspected criminals have gone viral.

A video of a “handsome” 21-year-old slamming his Ford Mustang into a mother and her young child at high speed went viral, leading to the man’s conviction and a 24-year prison sentence. The mother and the daughter both perished.

It was said that Herrin, a little boy, was racing another driver at speeds of over one hundred miles per hour. The victim’s loved ones requested a more severe sentence, but the judge opted instead for 24 years behind bars. The expression on Herrin’s face when he heard the verdict also went viral, especially on Tiktok.

All of these videos have one thing in common: the offender or criminal has good looks and an aura of mystery about them, which piques the interest of everyone, especially millennials and Generation Z. However, there is also a silver lining to the harmful effects that this kind of publicity can have on people.

Miscarried woman released from prison after serving 10 years

A recent social media article about a lady who was incarcerated after being accused of having an abortion quickly gained widespread attention. Elsy, a 28-year-old mother and housekeeper, miscarried, but rather of receiving medical attention, she was arrested and charged with having an abortion.

Her conviction for first-degree murder resulted in an enhanced sentence. El Salvador has released Elsy and three other women who were imprisoned for identical reasons after recent backlash.

While it’s fascinating to observe such movies and speculate about the subjects’ motivations, it’s essential to keep in mind that these are, after all, real people. The advent of social media has allowed us to connect and learn about topics that were previously out of reach.

While it’s crucial that we keep our focus elsewhere, it’s heartening to see positive uses of social media. A person’s outward demeanour may be deceptive; even those who appear sweet and harmless may be capable of terrible acts.