Rebel Wilson Says Her Experience as a High School Prankster

On Thursday, Rebel Wilson promoted her forthcoming comedy picture Senior Year by making an appearance on the Today Show.

As she discussed the high school comedy, the 42-year-old Australian actress looked radiant in a fuzzy yellow dress and jacket. Later in the programme, she changed into a lovely pink suit.

The comedian said that she had prepared for her role in Senior Year by performing pranks on her instructors and fellow classmates in high school.

Rebel Wilson Says Her Experience as a High School Prankster

Rebel plays cheer captain Stephanie Conway, who gets a concussion right before her senior prom and ends up in a coma for 20 years.

When she opens her eyes, she discovers a drastically altered environment and her own body. She decides to return to school at age 37 so that she can earn her degree on her own timetable.

She made a jest about breaking into the teachers’ lounge and’stealing their cookies,’ but her crime spree was put to an end when she was ‘actually’ caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

Rebel Highlighted the Neon Yellow Dress on Her Instagram Post 

Rebel posted photos of her outfit from the interview, which included a neon yellow St. John tweed dress, a matching jacket, and a yellow Louis Vuitton handbag, on Instagram.

She got malaria while travelling and experienced bizarre acting-related hallucinations as a result.

“When I got back to Australia, I told my friends, ‘Guys, I’m going to law school, too, but I think I need to pursue acting, too.'”

People told her she was “crazy” when she announced her intention to switch professions, she said.

The star of Pitch Perfect talked about how she shed 80 pounds during her “year of health” before the current coronavirus pandemic began.

There’s no denying my imperfections,” she admitted. To paraphrase, “Last night I ate ice cream in the tub.”

She also noted that she needed to address the mental components of leading a healthier lifestyle in order to maintain the weight loss she had achieved through exercise.


Rebel, whose scathing quip about Prince Andrew surfaced again before her BAFTAs 2022 appearance, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week to promote Senior Year, her first film in three years.

For whatever reason, the 42-year-old actor thought it would be a good idea to bring her high school yearbook to the event.

While looking over her high school yearbook with the late night show, Rebel proudly announced that she was the team captain of the basketball team and a “excellent student.”