Steven From My 600 Pound Life

TLC has been airing My 600-Pound Life for over a decade. Morbidly obese people who have lost a significant amount of weight are the focus of this show. Younan Nowzaradan, an accomplished Iranian-American surgeon, oversees a programme in which many hopefuls engage with the goal of losing weight and improving their appearance.

The series premiered on February 1, 2012. As of this writing, eight seasons have aired. Under this programme, both men and women who weigh over 600 pounds are eligible for gastric bypass surgery.

They also follow the eating plan that the doctor has set forth for them. The show tracks their progress over a year of weight and life changes.

Including Steven Assanti, a participant, in the fifth season significantly upped the show’s dramatic factor. During one point in his life, he weighed in at about 800 pounds, and in 2017, he appeared on the show with his brother Justin, who was also quite obese.

Steven From My 600 Pound Life

The strange thing about Steven Assanti’s time on the show was that he was never a fan favourite. On the contrary, there were numerous reasons why the audience hated him.

In this article, you will learn everything there is to know about Steven Assanti and his current activities.

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Can somebody tell me who Steven Assanti is?

A former star of the reality show “The Hills,” Steven John Assanti, better known simply as “Steven Assanti,” exists.

He appeared in the series’ fifth-season finale and last episode. Before that, in 2007, he gained widespread notice as a guest on Dr. Phil’s House of Hatred. He was a whopping 800 pounds back then. He capitalised on his outlandish good looks by uploading a series of videos to YouTube.

When he made a 2015 appearance on a local news programme, he caught the eye of TLC officials. Apparently, Steven was discharged from the hospital because he ordered pizza during his pre-surgery preparation for a gastric bypass. After that, he was quickly offered a role on the network’s show.

Early Life of Steven

On December 2, 1981, Steven entered the world. Like his younger brother Justin Assanti, he was born to an alcoholic mother. As the boys aged to 11 and 5, she and her husband divorced. The children had moved in with their mother, but they were subjected to severe maltreatment at the hands of her new partner.

Binge eating provided them comfort and was seen by many as a technique of overcoming the pain they had experienced. Steven’s avarice and overeating habits grew over time. His little brother claims that he would always put everything else on Justin’s plate last.

His brother had convinced Steven that he was right. Through the highs and lows of his life, he always found solace in his favourite comfort meal. Even with that, there were problems in his life that food couldn’t fix.

On Air, Steven Presented a Negative Attitude

Many viewers disliked Steven from the minute they first saw him on the show. Because of his impolite demeanour, he received a lot of criticism.

Audience members were turned off by his manner. While on the show, he had tantrums and refused to eat according to a doctor’s orders. Even Dr. Nowzaradan was driven so crazy that he vowed to have him removed from the show in a few episodes.

After Steven became dependent on the opioids on the show, the doctor had no choice but to remove him from the programme and send him to rehab.

Steven was frequently caught deviating from the food plan his doctor had set forth for him. Steven was molested and tortured by his younger brother while they were both children, according to the younger brother. The audience was disturbed by his treatment of his family members.

When tensions reached a boiling point during one incident, Dr. Nowzaradan threatened to contact the police. Steven’s tantrums and other misbehaviors with the hospital staff were frequent occurrences. In fact, there were many who said he needed therapy because he was mentally unable to continue being a part of the show.

After Steven’s sleeve operation was successful, he checked himself into a rehabilitation centre. He’d undergone a dramatic weight loss.

The Current Status of Steven

Unfortunately, Steven Assanti does not seem to have much of a following on any social networking platforms at the moment. He reportedly settled down with his wife, Stephanie Sanger, in Iowa in 2018. His Iowa-based wife practises massage therapy. There are numerous photos of the couple posted to her Facebook profile.

Their marriage has been the subject of zero recent reports or developments. It’s been said that they’ve split up. But there was no proof to back up that claim. As soon as people realised Steven had not updated his social media since 2019, rumours began to circulate that the couple had split up.

Justin, on the other hand, Steven’s brother, is always posting online. A popular Facebook user, he is frequently spotted posting updates to his followers about his diet and exercise routine. Additionally, Justin is quite active on Reddit, where he frequently responds to fan inquiries.

According to his Facebook profile, Justin has relocated back to Rhode Island.

Can We Assume That Steven Is Living a Healthy Lifestyle?

Their father took them in after they had endured a difficult upbringing at the hands of their alcoholic mother. He brought them here years later in hopes of getting some answers. As it turned out, the assistance was quite useful.

Once the show ended, Justin was able to effectively drop 200 pounds and launch his business. In contrast, there has been no recent information regarding his sibling’s weight. His weight loss is seen in recent photos taken with his wife.

In recent years, both brothers have made some positive lifestyle changes that have positively impacted their health.

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Infrequent Communication Between the Brothers

For those in Rhode Island, Justin runs a model kit store by the name of Hobby Haven. He just started an Ask Me Anything session and said that they haven’t talked in a while. Justin claims that since Steven got married, he has stopped being a burden on the family.

Reports also claim that Steven stole Justin’s pain medicine when he was on the show, which is what ultimately led to his removal.