How to Fix ‘The Requested URL Was Rejected. Please Consult With Your Administrator’ Error on Windows?

Unfortunately, Your URL Was Not Accepted. If you get the “Please Consult With Your Administrator” error message while trying to access a specific website.

It means that your browser has encountered a problem. Many sites, including those deemed secure, may be affected.

There’s a chance the site is down for maintenance, so the first thing you should do is visit the Is It Down Right Now page and see whether that’s the case. If it’s still up, try out the solutions we’ve prepared.

The Requested URL Was Rejected. Please Consult With Your Administrator

What to Do If Your URL Gets Rejected?

Now that we have a foundational knowledge of this error message, we can go forward in trying to resolve it.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of all the tried and true techniques that actually work. The simplest method of completing each task is outlined with its detailed description.

Solution 1: Change Your Web Browser ii

If the website you’re trying to access is live and functioning properly, the problem may lie within your browser. New browser software should be installed.

When it comes to browsers, Opera is a great option for Windows 10 users. Using only three words, we would describe Opera as lightning quick, dependable, and safe.

That’s pretty much everything a web browser’s capable of doing.

If you’re using Windows and you’ve seen the “The requested URL was refused” error while trying to listen to Apple Music online via a browser.

You may avoid it by downloading Opera. Many problematic websites passed our tests with this browser.

For the most part, Opera is a stable browser that won’t give you trouble when you’re attempting to access a specific page.

Solution 2: Restart Your Router

Rebooting the router has been proven by several users to fix There was a problem processing your URL request.

Put simply, disconnect your router from the internet for a minimum of a few hours and preferably a whole day. To turn it off, simply remove the plug from its power supply.

Now that you have given it some time, you can reboot your router. The previously-blocked website may now load in your browser.

Solution 3: Delete The Problematic Site From The Managed Sites

Here’s another option I can recommend for removing the offending domain from Managed Websites.

If the problematic website has been added to the managed website, I recommend removing it for the time being. To achieve this, please carefully adhere to the following instructions:

To launch Internet Explorer, select the Start menu. Now walk on the menu bar and click on the Internet Options. You can also open the Internet Explorer from the Control panel like I have described earlier.


Want to get rid of “The Requested URL Was Rejected. Add the offending website to the trusted sites or delete it from the managed sites list to get rid of the “Please Consult With Your Administrator” warning.

Perhaps clearing your browser’s cache, cookies, and any saved data can immediately fix the issue.

Signing in with an email address is another aspect. There’s a chance it could become corrupted, therefore it’s best to use an alternative ID to sign in.