Watch Chris Stapleton Destroy the Grammy Audience With ‘Cold’

At the 2022 festivities in Las Vegas, Chris Stapleton sang “Cold,” his Grammy-winning single.

To paraphrase the lyrics of a popular song: “Why you gotta be so cold/Why you gotta go and cut me with a knife, put our love on ice?”

The country singer yelled, with a string section and his longstanding band providing support in the blueish light.

Stapleton, unlike many other performers at award presentations, insisted that the entire band play live during his set.

Watch Chris Stapleton Destroy the Grammy Audience With ‘Cold’

Stapleton’s current album, Starting Over, earned this year’s Grammy for Best Country Album and features the Best Country Song winner, “Cold.”

The song was written by Stapleton and his bandmates J.T. Cure and Derek Mixon, and it features a jagged minor-key piano section that is reminiscent of Radiohead’s gloomy sound.

Benmont Tench (of The Heartbreakers) was responsible for the recording’s piano work.

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Is Chris Stapleton Racist, What Did He Say?

American singer-songwriter Chris Stapleton is not a racist. He has not been shy about his support for the 2020s’s Black Lives Matter advertising campaign.

When police fatally shot George Floyd while trying to arrest him, the Black Lives Matter movement was founded.

In response to a question about whether he supports the cause, Chris said, “Yes, I do,” and he agreed that black lives are important.

He views the United States as a myth because of the racial injustice and police brutality he has witnessed there.

The event of widespread recording at the 2017 Country Music Festival is also addressed on his album.

The musician, who was born in Kentucky, believes that those who take up arms in a crowd and kill those who are there to have fun are cowards.

Net Worth Of Chris Stapleton In 2022

Estimates put Chris Stapleton’s net worth at at $12 million in the year 2022. He’s spent a lot of time in the industry and put in a lot of effort learning about music.

His regular pay is around $83,000 per 30 days. He has been financially stable thanks to his career as a musician.

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Stapleton has now won a total of seven awards; this year he won three of them for best country song (“Cold”), best country album (“Starting Over”), and best country solo performance (“You Should Probably Leave”).

Stapleton acknowledged his twins, who turned four on the day of the awards event, by name during his televised acceptance speech for best country album.