What Does Donna Mills Look Like Today

Donna Mills, a legend in her own day, is now 81 years old. The actress became famous for her portrayal as Abby Fairgate on the successful Dallas spinoff, Knots Landing.

Mills did a recent interview in which she discussed becoming a mother in her 50s and stepping away from the spotlight to focus on raising her daughter Chloe.

Women in Their Fifties Adopting

As far as Donna Mills was concerned, her career was the most important thing. Eventually, she noticed that “something was missing – it was a child,” she added. And so I pursued it. She was just four days old when I adopted her.

At 54 years old when she adopted Chloe, Mills never felt out of place among mothers in their twenties.

What Does Donna Mills Look Like Today

The star also shared some words of wisdom for aspiring moms. Having children was something she encouraged them to put off until later in life. She opined that delaying having children until later in life was preferable if you wanted to focus on your job.

Post-Chloe Profession

After leaving Knots Landing, Mills continued his television career with guest appearances. However, she opted to pause her career to focus on being a mother.

She worked for a short period of time over those first 18 years, but stated she mostly rested. She explained, “Because I could carry her with me everywhere I went, I did some television movies and stuff like that.”

However, that all changed when Chloe entered school. Mills did not want to be known as the woman who handed her child over to the babysitter.

She claimed that staying gone for an extended period of time (a month or two) was too much for her, so she stayed home to raise Chloe instead.

What Happened to Donna Mills?

Chloe, her daughter, is a mature young woman now. The relationship between this 27-year-old and her mother is strong. Apparently they get together once a week and “chat every day or text,” as Donna Mills put it.

Donna Mills returned to daytime television in 2014 now that her child is an adult and can care for herself.

She’ll be making frequent appearances on General Hospital on ABC. Despite her long absence from the camera, she quickly picked up where she left off.

During 2015, Mills was recognised as the Outstanding Special Guest Performer in Drama Series for her work on General Hospital. This trophy was presented at the Daytime Emmys. Mills’ acting career has continued since then.

She will be appearing in the upcoming July release Nope, a science fiction/horror film. Mills is set to co-star with Keke Palmer, Daniel Kuluuya, and Steven Yeun.

For the sake of looking good on camera, she maintains a strict fitness regimen. Mills stated that she exercises daily and that her diet consists of “mainly proteins and vegetables.” She also cultivates her own tomatoes, kale, and other edibles.

Her recommendation for maintaining healthy skin is to avoid direct sunlight. As an additional piece of advice, she said to avoid getting any sort of cosmetic work done. She explained that she had been asked if she wanted one and had declined, saying, “I’d rather have lines than a duck beak.”