When Does Siesta Key Come Back on 2022

One of the most watched shows in the history of television is MTV’s Siesta Key, a reality series that has become a global phenomenon. The television series premiered in 2017. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the upcoming Siesta Key season.

Discussions about a possible fifth season of the show are now running in circles. MTV, the show’s original broadcast home, will likely announce the start of production on a new season soon.

When Does Siesta Key Come Back on 2022

To put it simply: what is the point of Siesta Key?

Siesta Key is a popular MTV series that follows four friends as they live their lives on Siesta Key, Florida. Based on Laguna Beach: The Real Orange Country from the early 2000s, Siesta Key is a ripoff.

Co-creators Mark Ford and Warren Skeels are responsible for the show. Producers for MTV include Daniel Blau Rogge and Jennifer Aguirre, with assistance from Entertainment One Television’s Tara Long.

The series’ intro song, titled “Cut to the Feeling,” was sung by Carly Rae Jepsen. The show has been distributed by Viacom CBS Domestic Media Networks.

Siesta Key, a new series on MTV, debuted on July 31, 2017. There were 18 total episodes. The final season of the show was split into two parts, with the first half arriving on 12 May 2021 and the second on 10 March 2022.

What follows is the current state of knowledge regarding Siesta Key Season 5.

We are aware that you are eager to learn more about Siesta Key Season 5, therefore we regret to inform you that at this time, it is unknown whether or not a Season 5 will be produced.

The network has not yet made any formal statement about the fate of the show Siesta Key. There are a few options open to the producers if they want to give the audience what they want and give them one more season.

Let’s drop the bombshell that Siesta Key might return for a fifth season. If, by some miracle, a fifth season of the show is made, then we can expect it to premiere in the early years of 2023.

Season 5 of “Siesta Key” cast details

With regards to the show’s cast, it will feature the same main characters as in prior seasons. A little chance exists in the show’s ensemble. The show’s creators may decide to recast some roles in the aim of keeping things fresh for viewers.

Juliette Porter, Madison Hausburg, Brandon Gomes, Kelsey Owens, Chloe Trautman, and Garrett Miller are all eligible for renewal for Siesta Key’s upcoming fifth season.

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